Monday, September 1, 2008

The year I lost all the weight|Belvedere Junior High

When I entered Junior High School,I was a super nerd, chess club, algebra club, computer club...

So I would obviously get picked on very often.

(New School,new b.s.)

I had a teacher in Junior High by the name of Ms. Gaughan (Not sure if she is still around)

but she was tough...I remember that she intimidated the hell out of me.

She would look at me ... just look at me like I was the most dissapointing student ever.

I was big and dorky and just must of been a really sad sight.

The first day of class she made us all run a mile.

I was the last one in and did not even get to finish the mile in a whole period.

I was out of shape.

Every class would start with , Evilchavo go run a mile....every single class.

I hated her, I hated that she was letting everyone else play soccer or baseball or racketball.

I hated all of those sports but felt bad because she would keep singleing me out.

I got so angry after about a week of this that I just took off running like a mad person.

Everyday I would come in hopeing that she would tell me to join the class.

All she would say was go run a lap, I would try to talk my way out of it .

And she would say "Go run a lap"

I lost alot of weight that year...her constant go run a skating.

Alot of things changed form me that year, I was in the eight grade.

I got my first kiss, my first girlfriend, made my first real friends, won the squat lifting contest at school along with the most push ups and most bench pressed and was even able to do pull ups.

Mrs Guaghan did not need to tell me to run a lap anymore, but I did everytime while everyone was getting ready to start the class, she would come in ask if I had already run my lap , I would say yes Mrs. Gaughan she would always say Ms. Not Mrs and would begin her class.

The year was 1987, The year of the Whittier Narrows Earthquake (I was 13)

(Wrote about the Earthquake earlier in this blog)

My brother also went to Belvedere, one day I heard him saying that he hated his P.E. Class.

I asked him who his teacher was and he said Mrs. Gaughan , I corrected him and said Ms. Gaughan ,Not Mrs and told him to go run a brother looked at me amazed and I told him that he needed to do everything that she told him to do...not matter what...

I told him she help change my life.

Evilchavo Out.

Now.....Go Run A lap!!

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Anonymous said...

damn i remember her, i went to Belvedere as well graduated in 1990