Saturday, September 6, 2008

My Dad playing pool at Yolies in City Terrace

I have mentioned my dad before and how he was not around.

I imagine he had alot of things going on and most likely did not want to be around my mom.

But sometimes I wonder what he was doing all that time.

My dad when he was home , worked the late shift at Cp Auto Products.

He cleaned license plates for minimum wage and then moved up to punching holes in them with a big heavy duty machine.

He does not work with machinery any longer, after the getting injured a few times, last one was when the machine that punches the license plates....punched thru his hand instead.....ouch!

But he healed and is better now.

My dad is a fixture in City Terrace, He can be seen almost daily at Mercado Hidalgo.

They have known each other since they were both young and because of it have a really strong bond.

My dad has many friends.

I felt alot of resentment for my dad when I was young, He would say that he would be around,I would go looking for him he would be gone the next going away for be back in a month.

My dad is older now and has been visiting alot lately....I don't mind.

He travels alot, helping friends take cars to Mexico...he likes to drive so he has chosen a great profession.

He drives by (Like this Last Thursday) on his way to Mexico bringing with him stuff from Los Angeles that I carnitas and handmade corn tortillas from 5 puntos (The miclos joint from Blood in Blood out) by El Pino.

I mostly like that he wants to be around....and calls and I feel that he has more than made up for his and my younger times.

I see he is older now and I see how much more I look like him everyday.

I see how my youth is also fading and I am not as agro as I used to be, I see that time changes and people change...I see that no matter how hard I try to not be like I am suppose to be the fundamentals of me are always going to be the same.

EvilchavO Out.

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