Monday, September 29, 2008

Running Away from home part 3

Me and my friend and his mom, made a good team.

We would go walk my friends mom to work in the mornings.....go to school.

Cook her diner and then walk her back home.

I had a place to sleep and shower and I felt appreciated.

One day , me and my friend went to a gig in the hills of Lincoln Heights.

My Stepdad showed up, and all of my friends asked if I needed help.

My friend that I was living with asked if I needed him to help me get my stepdad out of there.

I was shocked that my Stepdad came looking, He was furious.

He wanted to beat me to death , I could see it in his eyes.

When I asked him what he wanted he told me to get in the car.

I was not having any of that.....I was not going to be told what to do.

I told him to leave, I told him that my mom was wrong and that he should go tell her to leave me alone.

He left, but it left a really sour taste in my mouth.

I went looking for job the Monday after, I was underage but looked much older...

I applied as a counter...(A person that counts) for the Sears Warehouse that is (Was?) at Valley Blvd and Soto...under the the east of the park.

I took a written test...I did a few interviews...I got the Job...then they called me and said that because I was not 18 I could not work for them.

I would of made good money for my age, I would of rented out my own place, bought my own car and made my own life.

But things happen for a reason....

Shortly there after , My mom showed up at one of the gigs and told me to come back home.

I told her if you want me to come back home, I can't be treated like I am the devil.

I will work and pay for things but need space...I really only went back home....because I missed my brother and I was afraid that he would hate me and that I could not bear to think that he would feel that way towards me......

I went to my friends house and told them that I could not longer stay there , I told them that I could not leave my brother alone.

They were very sad to see me go, I would visit for a while after that....and help them clean and we would have dinner together....but I always went home to sleep afterwards.

I later found out that one of my friends was giving my mom flyers to where she thought i would be and that my Stepdad would go in like a crazy man looking for me.

It always makes things complicated when people don't do the right thing....if my mom would of just let my friend sleep there...

But she didn't and it just added to my anger and frustration while growing up .

It just made me want to leave as soon as possible......

I never really ran away after that , I got a job scooping Ice Cream for Thrify on Whittier by the commerce Movie Theatre...I would work the weekend shift....

I worked over time..every day and had enough to buy gear for myself and my brother help my mom and stepdad with the groceries....and had all the Raibow Ice cream I could fit in my belly :)

Running away helped me appreciate a bed, a shower and a fridge full of food.

It also showed me how to work hard for myself, and it showed my mom that I was growing up and not a kid anymore.

Maybe it was a mean thing to do to my mom, but I think sometimes you just have to rip the band aid off...

Evilchavo Out.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Running Away from home part 2

On day 3 My girlfriend went back home with her parents....I was happy to see her go back home......the streets are cold and not safe.

That night I slept at the railroad tracks by my mom's work..but I did not sleep at all that the middle of the night...I heard crazy sounds (Like some being gutted) and in the middle of the night I was not about to go investigating by myself.

I Slowly picked up my Huge suitcase and walked away very slowly (without a sound) I made my way to Wilson High School and slept in the drainage area behind the visitor seats behind the football field.

On day 4 I went to a friends house in El Sereno and asked my So-called friend if I could stay there.

He said yes...I was so tired...that I went in his garage...where the band was practicing and passed out.....that evening he came in mom says that you have to take your stuff and can't stay here.

I remember my mom telling a story on how no one will help you when you really need it and how friends aren't really friends and how no one will be there in time or real need.

My mom always says " Amigos....en la carcel....en el hospital o en la muerte is donde se encuentran" Translation....Friends the hospital or in death is where you will find them.....

but I made some phone calls...and found that I was all one could back me up....

I talked to my friend Greg and asked him if he could hold my suitcase.....I wanted to know if I needed a place to stay and I told him I was fine.

I slept at the Pasadena City Hall that night...on the floor.....then the next night I slept at some church in pasadena ...

That is where my girlfriend I would just stay there so that I could visit her when her parents let me.(when she got back home she got grounded and was not alowed to talk to me) She would sneak out to see me whenever possible.

I was getting colder and colder...and no matter how I layered I was freezing at night...I would go to the Am/Pm and get some burgers whenever I had money and when I did not ...I would get crackers and mayo and packets of ketchup from there and eat (sometimes I would sneak into my moms house and get food or sleep)

It never occured to me that I should go with my dad....who lived down the street from me...I was not welcome and had not seem my dad for some time...he would say come back tomorrow...I would go back the next day and he would be gone for a did not have that option.

I kept going to Wilson High and would meet up with my friends....would go to ditching parties and eat or sleep there and stay up all night and sleep where ever safe.

I even slept at Calvary Cemetery for about 2 1/2 the stairs at the chapel to the east towards Eastern ave.

Then my friend confronted me when I went to his house in El Sereno to get clothes from my suitcase.....He said your staying can't be sleeping out in the streets....We wont let you.
He and his mom were all alone, but they had room for me....I would get up early and clean the the laundry......all before they got up....

They would feed me and ask me not to do anything....

We would walk home from school and clean the house, we would cook his mom diner and we would have a family meal.

It was getting much better.

to be continued.........

Evilchavo out.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Running away from home

I was a teenager when I ran away from home.

My mom kept harrasing me about who I was and who I hung out with.

My mom thought I was the devil.

She did not understand me and one day I came home with a girl.

I met this girl at Wilson High School.

She was goth and was having problems at home.

She was told that if she could not get home by 7pm that she could not come back home.

That day, we were hanging out and she missed her bus to Pasadena.

She could not go home, I took her with me and talked to my mom.

I said mom I am sorry but she needs to stay here tonight....

We lived in a 1 bedroom apartment....the 4 of us.

Me , My brother Mom and Stepdad.

I told my mom....I will sleep on the can sleep with her and my dad can sleep with my brother....

I told my mom....It is the right thing to to....I told her I made her late for the bus and that there was no way that they would let her in at home. (looking at this at my age, I have come to realize that ....they probably would of just let her back home)

But anyways with out teenager eyes ....there was no way that they would let her in...they told her....not home by 7....not home til the next day.

My mom said "No,NO! NO!!"

I can't have that girl here!!!.....she is not welcome!!!....we can't have her here!!!!

I did not understand her stepdad...just took her side...

I could not understand how she expected me to just leave her alone out in the streets.

That night, we slept at a friends house....the house was being remodeled and our friend snuck us in, but we had to promise to be quiet and not make any noise.

That night we slept was so lonely....I was angry and frustrated.

Next day, we snuck into my house..I packed all my belongings...into a huge suitcase and left home.

I left my mom a note (In spanish) telling her that I was going to run away and that I would never come back and how I could not belive that she did not trust me.

Next night we slept out in the hills of City City Terrace Park....Where the police towers are.....It was so cold.

I just remember her being cold and thinking about how I could not believe that my mom did this to her and how she could not put her beliefs aside and help this girl.

We always helped people, there were times that my stepdad would come in with a friend from Mexico and he would stay with us for months....Months!!

Anyways, on day 3 ...the girl said she was going to go back home...I was left all alone....with my huge suitcase.....she said that she talked to her parents and they asked her to come home.

I would continue this adventure alone....

To be continued.........

Evilchavo Out.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Robert F. Kennedy school celebrations

Robert F. Kennedy Elementary school is where I went to Elementary school.

Robert F. Kennedy (When I went there) Celebrated.

One of my best memories is the Halloween Parade.

It was one of the many times that we saw the older kids come back to Kennedy to see the parade.

Our parents would dress us up and our teachers would dress up also and parade us around the school yard.

Then they would give prizes to the best costume...the most original....the most creative...the most funny....

It holds a special place for me because when my mom and dad divorced it was the one thing that I could always count my dad in on....he would always be there.....not by my mom...but in the crowd looking at me and my brother in our Halloween costumes and enjoying himself.

Kennedy would also have a Cinco De Mayo celebration....where they would build food and game booths and all the teachers and some students would work in them and after the dances they would sell drinks, nachos and other good stuff and play games for tickets and cheesy prizes.

My dad would always go and give us a few bucks to play with and it was a great time had by all.

When I became a teenager it was a place to go to to see your old teachers and see friends that did not go to the same school that you was a place to catch up see the friends that still had younger brothers or sisters attending.

In my High school days, it became a place for me to hide out when I did not want to be home and I needed to write or draw or take the occasional girlfriend to (that my mom did not approve of.) It was the perfect place to hide out at.

Kennedy had the best chocolate chip cookies (Huge) hard as a rock for .25 cents.

I remember I used to think that I could fly, when I entered the first grade...I would ask my teachers for a pass to go to the bathroom and run.....jump...and I felt that I would temporarily leave the ground......until I got in trouble cause I was spending more the restroom (Flying) than in class......I was and continue to be a dreamer.....I continue to believe that I can fly......even if just in my mind.

Evilchavo Out.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I want more.

When I was a teenager, my family went to Mexico to visit our stepdads family.

They live in the border of Jalisco and Zacatecas.

In those days, it was a plot of land with a tiny little ranch.

The house was a kitchen, a bedroom and a outhouse.

They did not have gas or electricity.

In the morning if you wanted to take a shower, you would of had to bring water from the river in order to take one.

If you wanted to have a hot shower, you had start the fire to heat up your water before you took a shower.

If you wanted to eat , you had to kill your dinner.

In essence, life was not as easy as in the United States.....

One evening we watched the younger cousins kill some chickens, take the feathers off and cook them over a grill and me and my brother after eating them had not had our fill.

So we asked our mom for more.

Our mom told us that it was all there was and to not shame her by asking for more.

So we shut up....they took our plates ....and me and my brother ....because our mom always made us help when we were company....went into the kitchen....theyre they were... all my cousins....eating our leftovers....

Me and my brother never asked for seconds again and learned a valuable life lesson that day.

We have learned to not be greedy and to appreciate what we have.

Me and my brother have learned to be humble, we have learned to treat everyone with respect.

I was just thinking about this today .

They live in California now, but they still have the is not lacking anything now.

It has been made into a home with electricity and running water,stucco walls, paved road to the house....they all drive new cars and have made a good life for themselves.

Evilchavo Out.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Reading outloud.

I just got news that I will have to do a mock presentation.

I hate doing mock presentations, I feel it never fully replicates and actual event.

When talking to someone, you go with the adapt to the conversation and go.

I have read many books on this and there is always the Robot sales technique which is full of jargon and no veering from the script.(RObotS)

It sucks, I read about the best salesman in the world...sold american cars.

NO bs, kept getting sales from referrals cause he was a regular bs

I worked in collections for a long time and the best collector was this little shy Mexican lady that no once could ever hear on the phone....she was nice...she did not belittle people and she always wanted to honestly help.

People would call her to pay her, they would hold for her on the phone.

But, I will just have to deal with it.

But it reminds me of when I was a kid........

I was in Robert F. Kennedy Elementary school. in 5th grade.

My teachers always wanted me to read out loud....cause I was the shyest (SP?)

I never understood that concept, make the uncomfortable bearable by making the uncomfortable unbearable.

I always wondered if I was going to read one day and be like,...."Hey , this is no sweat....I don't know why I always freak out all the time...Look my hands they are not sweating profusely...I am cured!!"

I don't think that happens, I just learned how to read faster to get it over with.

I can read really fast because of it and it has helped in my work life because I can get things done

The worst part is when you feel that you are being set up....feel like it was done on purpose to make you look bad or (Good?) makes me angry, what if I can't live up to the expectations...what if I fail? What if I suceed?.

fuel for the fire, because I don't want to look stupid I will have to study...get my presentation ready.....and get it over with as fast as possible.

Just like when I was a kid.....Just rip the band-aid off.

"Such things I do to make myself more attractive to you, Have I failed?"
Evilchavo Out.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Pico Rivera Sports Arena

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The Pico Rivera Sports Arena.

There are certain things that I miss about California.

One of them is The Pico Rivera Sports Arena.

I have been going to the sports arena since I was a kid.

(The picture I use on my profile was taken at the sports arena)

(I am the little kid thats packing heat.)

I have seen so many performers there.

When I was a kid I just went because that is what we did.

Vicente Fernandez was in town.....go to the sports arena.

Antonio Aguilar was in town....go to the sports arena.

Los Tigres del Norte were in town...go to the sports arena.

since I was a little kid....go see the performers and the charreada.

Go have some churritos and soda.....

I have seen so many performers so many times.

I knew exactly what they were going to do and when they did it and I still liked the show.

As I got older and into punk music and skating and other alternative music.

I still went to the sports arena.

I was the only skater kid rockin a piteado and mustache and sideburns (ala chente) with my Vans and dickies when I was teenager.

I followed Chente, Antonio Aguilar (his son Pepe) Los Tigres,Banda Recodo,Joan Sebastian, Pedro Fernandez (from when he was a kid like me) Lorenzo de Monteclaro, Gerardo Reyes,El Piporro,Ezequiel Pena,Cadetes de Linares, Huracanes del Norte....etc...etc.....

Yeah I went to see alot of bands as a teenager that were at different places...Janes Addiction....Nine Inch Nails...Primus....Porno for Pyros...Social Distortion....Metallica....etc...etc.....but none meant as much as me sitting with my family signing our Saturday morning cleaning music with the original recorders.

Pride for my roots brings me to writting this , with the realization that it made me closer to my family , Because no matter how tight we were and if we did or did not have problems we always got the feds together to go to the show and watch our favorite singers sing.

Some of my favorite Pico Rivera performers on the you tube videos below.

Evilchavo Out (Pero sigo siendo el Reeeey!)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My 1964 Lincoln Continental

My Lincoln Continental is called Rosie.

Not sure why.

Just is a good name.

She is a white 1964 Lincoln Continental with a 430 v8 engine with a 4 barrel carb. and a turbo automatic transmission. She has red leather seats and is all upholstered in red leather with chrome accents.

Rosie has power steering, power brakes, power 6 way front bench seat, power windows (even the vent windows are powered) power antenna . she runs like a dream.

When Rosie first came into my life she ran, but on my second drive after bringing her home (Overheated) got a whole new radiator, ran her again and would not start....rebuilt the carb....

Would not start after a few months ...due to ignition so I put a pertronics electronic ignition in her (Got rid of the points)

Moved to the bay area and you would not believe how much stuff you can cram into a car this big.

Transmission was having problems so it was rebuilt.....brakes messed the whole set up was drums (Huge drums) lines and master cylinder were replaced....power steering blew out and had a new rebuilt power steering pump installed.

Ran like a dream but once I started daily driving the suspension started to give way, so got new shocks all around's like driving on a cloud.

Drove it from the Bay area to roadtrip ever.

She has been good to me.

This is the backstory on my Rosie .

It all started with " El guero Yonkero" My stepdads friend.....He was the local " I can get anything for any price guy"

He would come around

Whatever he could get his hands on, When I was a teenager...he came to pick up my dad in a 77 Lincoln Continental......White.....with red Leather......

It was beautiful.

I asked him how much he wanted for it and he said " I could never afford that kind of car"

This guy that was a nobody....was talking down to me....telling me that I could never afford this car.......

He did not know what I had in me...or what I could do.....How dare he tell me that.....I was a teenager and full of anger...I had just lost tons of weight (see previous posts) got my first job and felt that no one could defeat me.

It took me a while, but I got her....actually a much better version of her.....not long after he told me that.....

When I was in the process of restoring her.....he was at one of the shops that I took her to get the radiator rebuilt at....and he asked me how much I wanted for her....

I told him " You can't afford this car"

He looked at me, laughed like he was thinking....can't believe you remember that....and walked away.

I have learned to never talk down to people cause you never know where you will see them again and how they will remember you.

Evilchavo Out.

Side Note on Parts for 1964 Lincoln Continental:

I found parts online for many of the repairs that I made.

Living in East Los Angeles had its benefits.

I could just go the the radiator shop....and they would rebuild the radiator or get me a new one from the back.....most of the times stock parts.

I got the complete original exhaust in el monte....

But since I moved away from East Los Angeles....most of my parts come from :

Lincoln Parts International in Perris California....they always delivered when they said they would and always stood by their products....They had a website that I would order from but it is no longer available.....

Lincoln Parts International 707 East 4th Street, Building G Perris, CA 925701


I have not used Bakers....their info:
Bakers Auto - target="_blank"> 196 Providence Pike (Route 44 East)Putnam, CT 06260
(seems like they have good stuff)

There is also Lincoln Land
Parts/Service: 727-446-2193 Fax: 727-447-6179

(Never used them either)

But if their is one thing I have learned from this Lincoln is that you can't be picky with who you get your parts because they are hard to find and most of the time expensive.

And if you are looking for rims or a system....sorry can't help you Rosie is need 4 extras......all the system I need is the sound of the 430 V8 with the dual exhaust and 4 barrel carb.......

Hope it helps....EvilChavo Out...Again.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

City Terrace Library

I would ditch school to go to the library.
It was my Sanctuary.

I could learn about whatever I wanted and did not need to hear someone else lecture me about how they felt I should understand the subject that I was reading about.

I was a sponge and I would read and read and read.

I remember the first time I went to the library on my own, I was already a teenager and on my way to high school.

I had been there many times before with my mom or teachers at Kennedy but never on my own.

I went in and towards the back of the library on the Northside.

I found the first full book I ever read by myself .

It was the Vampire Lestat by Anne Rice.

I remember it well because I stole it. (It was very hard for me to do that, read previous post on Stealing)

It was one of my most cherished treasures.

Reading is something that I love and when I started to get older I would pick out a book and read it in a few was the perfect escape.

City Terrace Library was my sanctuary, It was a safe one wanted to beat on me there and I was left completely was beautiful.

Evilchavo Out.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Stealing from the liquor store or being taught a valuable lesson

( I will post my Social Distortion paper later in the day, but I was just thinking about my favorite candy.....Now and Laters)

I was at Robert F. Kennedy elementary school when I made the decision to steal.

I was in between dads at the time ,so super broke.

My mom was busy working hard to get us fed and clothed.

I was not about to ask her for money for candy....

To be more specific: Now and Laters.....Cherry Flavor

I went down to the liquor store to the east of St. Lucys church (Did you know that there used to be a movie theatre where the church is before?)

The Liquor store was the kind where you walk in the door and directly to the left is a counter where they have a case full of candy by the register, the counter ran all along the west wall.

There they were, rows and rows of different flavored now and laters...mixed in with other assorted candies.

I...very, very quietly .....reached for the candy......I did not see it coming....the man behind the counter yelled at the top of his lungs that I was "Stealing!", "Stealing!!"" I will call the police"

I was so scarred that I nearly pissed myself.....He held my arm...and said "I was a thief"

I kept saying " I am sorry" "Please don't call the police" " I will never do it again"

He just looked at his wife and asked her if she was calling and she said "No"

She said that " she knew my dad and that she would talk to him"

I Never stole again, (until the library, just 1 more time,tomorrows post)

I an grateful that it happened, I know now that I probably would of never seen the cops.

They never came to City Terrace.

I know now that they could of just ignored the situation, I was only 15 cents for the now and laters.

But they did not and they taught me a valuable lesson that I will never forget.

Everytime in my teenage years that I thought of stealing....I remember that man...calling me a thief at the top if his lungs.

The liquor store is no longer looks like (Per google Street view) it has been replaced by a used appliances store ...

Evilchavo Out

Sunday, September 14, 2008

My first Concert| Social Distortion

I was 13 when I went to my first concert.

I was looking thru my old docs and found a paper I wrote about my first concert experience.

I will type it out exactly the way I wrote it....So if there alot of grammatical errors I do apologize in advance.

I used to write alot when I was younger and recently found alot of my old writings....

I will post them as I find them.

They will be labeled as "archives from my youth"

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Frustrations of a man of peace in a world of action

In youth my anger filled blood pumped as if turbocharged by my hatred for all that I saw.

I made myself that way, in youth my peacefullness would cause all to think that I was weak.

so I would get picked on all the time.

I taught myself how to stand up for myself , I taught myself how to not take anything from anyone.

I have a hard time with disrespect as an adult and often times get anger filled like when I was younger and have to learn to check myself and take control of the situation.

I am chaos and like I said before I thrive in it and wonder if I just want action for the sake of action or if things are really as they seem.

Not sure what is up today, my brain is somewhere a different happens.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Cholo and how I learned to live within my enviroment

I was not a cholo.

I lived in the enviroment and could of easily become a cholo.

My choice was made for me early in my life by my mom.

I never have met a cholo tougher than her.

When I lost all the weight I would get recruited by all the different gangs in the area.

But I did not join any of them.

I was in Junior High and this happened before I lost all the weight and one of the guys in my class was heavy into gangs from childhood due to generations of uncles and cousins and dad that were all involved in gang activity and had served of where serving time for various things that they had done.

He chose to pick on me the first day of school, he put me in a choke hold and made me drop to the floor in convulsions.

I did not even notice that he had crept up behind me , all I remember is struggling to get out of the hold and then falling to my knees and then I kept trying to snap myself back to reality and I could not.

Woke up on the floor , no one around me (I could feel everyone looking at me) and the guy was just standing over me.

The teacher came over , she asked me what happened and I told her I did not know.

That was the year I lost all the weight and by the end of that year, only a few kids would still mess with me.

He had not been around for a while, but came back the next year....looking for me and thanked me for not telling on him the year before. He apologized to me and said that no one would ever mess with me at that school again.

He left and the kids were asking me what he told me , I told them and they said that he was a gang leader now.......I went to lunch and the kids that would always mess with me....were quiet.

No one ever did anything to me that year, and I was surprised that someone that young could be a gang leader.

In one of my last jobs in the bay area, I was called ESE and Cholo by my co workers....I guess they could still notice the neighborhood in me.....

I always look for others like me, I like to call them undercovers.....or Suedeheads....I have met a few.....some of them gang members and gang leaders that chose to work hard to get out of the enviroment that they were raised in....others that were never in gangs but they were just like me.

I write this blog not only for me but so that maybe someone somewhere that feels some of what I have felt can feel that they are not that they understand that others have been through similar life that they know that even though others have not been thru the exact same life experience........we are all somewhat connected.....

No one ever told me that I could make it, no one ever told me that there were other one ever told me that if I did not follow the mold of what everyone else did that I would still make it......

Everyone always told me I would be in Jail by 25 or dead or in the gutter.

Everyone was wrong.

EvilChavo (ESE) out.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

My stepdads story , story by me, illustrations by loteria Mexicana| Warriors 2

As I have mentioned before my stepdads family was/is nuts.
They loved aggression and would not hesitate to react when there was a fight brewing.

My uncles were trained from when they were young to fight .
All except for my stepdad were trained in martial arts and that is a very effective tool for ending a fight when confronted by #'s higher that your own.

But my Stepdad was very , very quiet and because of it I always wondered why he was so respected by all his younger brothers.

I asked one of my uncles once and he said that they had seen him do crazy things when they were younger and learned at a very early age not to mess with him.

He told me a story about how once in DF someone said something to one of his sisters and my stepdad got out and beat the living daylights out of the guys that said things (all by himself)

He also told me that because my stepdad was the oldest, he was already a teenager when they moved to Mexico City and he was totally ranch.

and totally uncool compared to all the City kids and that because of this he used to get beat up at first , until he started fighting back and defending all his brothers and sisters.

My younger brother idolized him

and he had good reason for stepdad was the perfect employee ..was married to my mom for a long time , came right after work and spent all of his free time with us, he showed us what it was like to do the right thing.

He was employee of the year for 9 years, but did not get to his tenth year.

I imagine he had some demons in him that would not let him be, I feel there is something that he does not want to talk about, something that affects the core of who he is or who he feels that he is suppose to be.
It must be hard to carry the world on your shoulders.

I know that he is out there somewhere struggling and hope he snaps out of it, there is only so much support you can give someone before you have to let them go for your/their own good.

I hope he is well wherever he is and changes before its to late.

What's your favorite Loteria card?(this is mine)
Go get your frijoles?
Lineas, x ,cuadrito or ezquinas o carta llena?
EvilChavo Out.

My Dad playing pool at Yolies in City Terrace

I have mentioned my dad before and how he was not around.

I imagine he had alot of things going on and most likely did not want to be around my mom.

But sometimes I wonder what he was doing all that time.

My dad when he was home , worked the late shift at Cp Auto Products.

He cleaned license plates for minimum wage and then moved up to punching holes in them with a big heavy duty machine.

He does not work with machinery any longer, after the getting injured a few times, last one was when the machine that punches the license plates....punched thru his hand instead.....ouch!

But he healed and is better now.

My dad is a fixture in City Terrace, He can be seen almost daily at Mercado Hidalgo.

They have known each other since they were both young and because of it have a really strong bond.

My dad has many friends.

I felt alot of resentment for my dad when I was young, He would say that he would be around,I would go looking for him he would be gone the next going away for be back in a month.

My dad is older now and has been visiting alot lately....I don't mind.

He travels alot, helping friends take cars to Mexico...he likes to drive so he has chosen a great profession.

He drives by (Like this Last Thursday) on his way to Mexico bringing with him stuff from Los Angeles that I carnitas and handmade corn tortillas from 5 puntos (The miclos joint from Blood in Blood out) by El Pino.

I mostly like that he wants to be around....and calls and I feel that he has more than made up for his and my younger times.

I see he is older now and I see how much more I look like him everyday.

I see how my youth is also fading and I am not as agro as I used to be, I see that time changes and people change...I see that no matter how hard I try to not be like I am suppose to be the fundamentals of me are always going to be the same.

EvilchavO Out.

Friday, September 5, 2008

My other Life

I take pride in my Bulldog mentality.

I learned at an early age that you have to work hard to live.

I learned that I was not like anyone else and that I did not fit in with most people.

Quiet as I seem, there have been times in my life where I have shocked or surprised those around me by navigation of the seas of poop like a sailor on his first ship.

I am chaos, I love Chaos, I was raised in it and try to keep myself away from it as much as possible due to its addicting personality.

Everywhere I have worked it has given me and edge, it has made me stand out.

Most people only work 25% where I work 110% , when I have a goal only one thing can stop me..........Me.

Evilchavo OUt.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The adventures of Super Chicken Part 4

One of the many time that Super Chicken went awol from the institution.

He came home to see ....with the familiar "EvilChavooooooooo! EvilChavvvvvooooooooo!!"

I came out ready to sk8 but this was not the case this time.

My Friend Super Chicken had a girl with him.

He was dressed in nice gear for us which was our going to a gig wear.

Black dickies, black hi top vans and a skate shirt with a dickies jacket.

I knew this was serious because he had his arms wrapped around her like she was going to disappear if he let her go.

He introduced me to the Most blond girl I had ever seen.

He said they met in the institution and went awol together.

He said this is my Girlfriend "Megan"

To which she replied "That's not my name"

He said "Yes it is" , "Who is Megan I said"

The girl from the exorcist (A movie a have not ever seen to this day, It scared the crap out of me, when I heard about this movie when I was a kid ...I was forbidden from seeing it)

And have not seen it, not sure why but just have not.

Anyways , My friend Super Chicken was coming around less often I was already in High school and had a few friends I went to gigs and stuff with.

My friend took off that day, went home and did not come back.Not sure what happened.

(I think he went to his parents and they took him back to the institution.)

I was there with this guerra girl thinking "What do I have in common with this girl" she comes from a totally different place....we talked a little...I remember she was really into heavy metal and I was not at the time so that was the end of the music converstation.

My friend did not call and after about 6 hours it was time to get ready for the I put my gear on and asked if she wanted to come with us and she did.

She wanted to come with us (We did not go looking for my friend because I had no idea of where his parents lived now, they had moved away a long time ago when my friend jumped off the bridge( see previous Super Chicken posts for more info)

We went to a gig a my friends home in El Sereno and she was having a lot of fun.

Around 3 am she said she wanted to leave and I told her she could not come back to my house because my mom would freak out....she stood at my friends house and the next day all the people that stood over at my friends that night went to the beach.

I saw her that evening and she looked just like a lobster , I asked what happened and she said that she fell asleep face up at the beach....and no one woke her up.

I asked my friend what happened and they said that she fell asleep as soon as they got there and no one could wake her up.

That day my friend Super Chicken came back to get her and was so mad that he wanted to beat me up .....he said that I did that to her on purpose and all I said is she fell asleep in the sun.

He took her and I did not see him again until he went awol a few months later.

Evilchavo Out

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Graduation from Robert F. Kennedy Elementary School

I went to Robert F. Kennedy Elementary School off of Hazard in City Terrace.

I managed to salvage alot of old pictures from a storage unit that the rest of my family abandoned and took whatever pictures I could before the storage unit expired and everything got thrown feds storage....just how life goes sometimes.

I was looking at my old pics and found my Graduation from Elementary school pics.

(Here I am getting up to receive my diploma)

(Here I am picking up my diploma note: rockin the pumas & cords)
(Me and my only friend Eddie)

(that's me:) Figured out what the dark spots are?

Roaches,Roaches,Roaches....sux but no feds no money for for big buck cameras in those days.

Just how life goes sometimes.
Evilchavo Out.

Monday, September 1, 2008

The year I lost all the weight|Belvedere Junior High

When I entered Junior High School,I was a super nerd, chess club, algebra club, computer club...

So I would obviously get picked on very often.

(New School,new b.s.)

I had a teacher in Junior High by the name of Ms. Gaughan (Not sure if she is still around)

but she was tough...I remember that she intimidated the hell out of me.

She would look at me ... just look at me like I was the most dissapointing student ever.

I was big and dorky and just must of been a really sad sight.

The first day of class she made us all run a mile.

I was the last one in and did not even get to finish the mile in a whole period.

I was out of shape.

Every class would start with , Evilchavo go run a mile....every single class.

I hated her, I hated that she was letting everyone else play soccer or baseball or racketball.

I hated all of those sports but felt bad because she would keep singleing me out.

I got so angry after about a week of this that I just took off running like a mad person.

Everyday I would come in hopeing that she would tell me to join the class.

All she would say was go run a lap, I would try to talk my way out of it .

And she would say "Go run a lap"

I lost alot of weight that year...her constant go run a skating.

Alot of things changed form me that year, I was in the eight grade.

I got my first kiss, my first girlfriend, made my first real friends, won the squat lifting contest at school along with the most push ups and most bench pressed and was even able to do pull ups.

Mrs Guaghan did not need to tell me to run a lap anymore, but I did everytime while everyone was getting ready to start the class, she would come in ask if I had already run my lap , I would say yes Mrs. Gaughan she would always say Ms. Not Mrs and would begin her class.

The year was 1987, The year of the Whittier Narrows Earthquake (I was 13)

(Wrote about the Earthquake earlier in this blog)

My brother also went to Belvedere, one day I heard him saying that he hated his P.E. Class.

I asked him who his teacher was and he said Mrs. Gaughan , I corrected him and said Ms. Gaughan ,Not Mrs and told him to go run a brother looked at me amazed and I told him that he needed to do everything that she told him to do...not matter what...

I told him she help change my life.

Evilchavo Out.

Now.....Go Run A lap!!