Friday, September 26, 2008

Robert F. Kennedy school celebrations

Robert F. Kennedy Elementary school is where I went to Elementary school.

Robert F. Kennedy (When I went there) Celebrated.

One of my best memories is the Halloween Parade.

It was one of the many times that we saw the older kids come back to Kennedy to see the parade.

Our parents would dress us up and our teachers would dress up also and parade us around the school yard.

Then they would give prizes to the best costume...the most original....the most creative...the most funny....

It holds a special place for me because when my mom and dad divorced it was the one thing that I could always count my dad in on....he would always be there.....not by my mom...but in the crowd looking at me and my brother in our Halloween costumes and enjoying himself.

Kennedy would also have a Cinco De Mayo celebration....where they would build food and game booths and all the teachers and some students would work in them and after the dances they would sell drinks, nachos and other good stuff and play games for tickets and cheesy prizes.

My dad would always go and give us a few bucks to play with and it was a great time had by all.

When I became a teenager it was a place to go to to see your old teachers and see friends that did not go to the same school that you was a place to catch up see the friends that still had younger brothers or sisters attending.

In my High school days, it became a place for me to hide out when I did not want to be home and I needed to write or draw or take the occasional girlfriend to (that my mom did not approve of.) It was the perfect place to hide out at.

Kennedy had the best chocolate chip cookies (Huge) hard as a rock for .25 cents.

I remember I used to think that I could fly, when I entered the first grade...I would ask my teachers for a pass to go to the bathroom and run.....jump...and I felt that I would temporarily leave the ground......until I got in trouble cause I was spending more the restroom (Flying) than in class......I was and continue to be a dreamer.....I continue to believe that I can fly......even if just in my mind.

Evilchavo Out.

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