Friday, October 31, 2008

One of my Favorite Movies:Born Losers

I am not a big fan of Billy Jack....

But I remember the first time I saw Born Losers on Tv when I was a very young kid.

I remember it made me think of being a biker and causing all kinds of havoc on the road.

I wanted to be one of the bikers on this movie..I wanted to get into fights and ride off on my chopper with the hottest chick there.

I wanted to find an abandoned church and make it my base of operations.....

The Version I saw on tv was the edited for tv version...but when I got older I saw the unedited with alot more sex and fighting.

I wanted the bad guys to win, I wanted the gang of bikers to make a fool out of Billy Jack...

But Hollywood does not let the bad guys win, even thought they do sometimes.
Was looking for a good video on Youtube to post from this movie...but I found only Billy Jack Stuff....BOOOO!

Found this video,

Who do you think would win in a fight? The Warriors or The Born Losers (Two of my favorite movies)

My personal opinion? The warriors...straight fight (They fight better)....underhanded fight....Born Losers (they would do the worst things to win) .

Evilchavo Out. (apphy ! neewhaoll) click on the Halloween label on the left hand side for my Halloween post.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My first ditching party| Cheetos and Colt 45 do not mix well.

When I was in at Belvedere Junior High School.

I was a really nerdy kid....I thought I would be a biologist when I grew up.

I was really good at math and science and felt that I would have no problem being a biologist....It was years and years of elementary that made me feel that I could be anything that I put my mind to.

I did not realize that reality is a whole different thing....I knew as I was on my way out of Junior High on my way To High School (Woodrow Wilson High School) that my dreams would not become a reality.

I knew that it would cost money and that my Mom would never be able to afford to pay for my education once I entered I made the decision...No College...

No one in my family went past 1st or 2nd grade in Mexico, I knew that they stopped going to school because there was no money...and they had to work.

I had really good grades going into High School regardless of all the tardies and days that I missed in Junior High...I did not even go for the last quarter in Junior High school.

I entered Woodrow Wilson with really good grades...I , up to the 8th grade had never missed a day of school except for when I had an eye operation.

I met my friend Greg in Science class, I would help him whenever he had problems with our experiments or with the calculations needed for an exam.

I was trying to be good and stay in school, but one day my friend Greg asked me if I wanted to go to a ditching party....I said yes....we walked somewhere to El Sereno and picked up his friend Frank....We went to a liquor store and bought some colt 45's 40's cause they were on sale(it was so easy, my friends already knew where to go) and I bought a bag of cheetos.

We entered the ditching party and there was a punk band playing (in the middle of the day!)...I was nervous I had never been around this type of crowd before...I was a skater and that is who I hung out I made a decision to down 2 36 oncers in a row after I ate a whole bag of friend and I did some shooters and I was having a great time....the band was playing.....people were forming a small pit in someones back yard.

Then all I remember is that the world started turning...I was in the pit....when all of a sudden people started looking at me funny....they kept asking me if I was sick and I told them I was fine...then all of a in one of those movies.......I started projectile vomiting (I have not done that since that day) everyone got hit with Cheetos and Colt 45 and whatever else I drank before I went into that pit....

Everyone was looking at me.....My two friends picked me up and took me home....I don't remember how I made it home....I blanked out...I just remember holding onto my friends shoulders and they just kept telling me to keep walking...and I did....and we walked and walked and walked and I don't remember how I got home....last thing I remember is getting my docs off and going to sleep in my bed...I woke up the next day and my mom did not even notice that I came home drunk....

It was a very odd day....

After that I made a decision to keep ditching...was way too much fun...but no more cheetos and no more colt 45s or at least not combined...and not all at once....and never to let myself be in a situation I could not control. (Was lucky my friends were there to take me home that day)

Evilchavo Out.

Arizona State Fair| $10 dollar Corn Dogs

So, Me and the little pumpkin went to Arizona State Fair this last Sunday.

It was free, hard to pass up free....We parked in the $5 dollar lot...They had a free shuttle from the Capitol Building in Downtown....but after seeing all the lines waiting for the bus, made the decision to pay for parking instead....parking was from 5-20 dollars and we parked in the $5 dollar lot....that was just a short distance away....and walked there...less than a block and the lot was secure.

The Little Pumpkin kept talking about how the fair seemed so much cooler when we were young and how it is not as cool as other fairs she has been to, I told her I did not really go to the fairs in our area except for the one at St. Lucy's and that this fair was Huge compared to the ones at St. Lucy's Church.
I know that the food had to of been less expensive then....because we paid $5 dollars for a Lemonade and $10 dollars for a corn dog...but the corn dog was huge...I mean Huge and we got in for free so we were not complaining.
As we entered the fair...we were greeted by two huge elephants that were giving people rides around their pen.....was like $5 to ride them...I was hoping that the elephants were a sign of good things to of the things I miss about Los Angeles is going to the LA Zoo and thought it would be fun to pet and see some animals.

But the animals were nowhere to be found.....I would of settled for some chivos or chickens at that point....

Overall the Arizona State Fair was alot of fun. $5 dollars for parking, $5 dollars for a Lemonade and $10 dollars for a huge corn dog...that could of fed a family of five, not a bad day for $20 dollars.

There are also exhibits, and displays...but none were too impressive except for one of them....where people displayed their stamp collections...matchbook collection...toy collection....all I kept thinking is I should display all my stuff here.....

Then there were vendors...selling stuff.....the fair (To me) was like a huge swapmeet with carnival rides and an exhibits...while not overly impressive still lots of fun.

We did find more animals on the way was called the Banana race...they have a track where monkeys chase a banana...I felt bad for the did not take a look.
Evilchavo Out.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Working at the Movie Theatre: Monterey Mall Cinemas

I was a certified projectionist for many years.

I worked at the $1 and $3 Movie Theatre in Monterey Park....called Monterey Mall Cinemas owned by Edwards Cinemas.

It is no longer has been torn down.

I would walk by there all the time , I would walk to Cal State, then down to Atlantic ave to Atlantic Square then to Tower Records....and walk back home thru East Los Angeles College to City Terrace park then walk home thru there....I liked to walk ...I was alone alot of the time so did not have anything to do at would kill time by walking....I only worked on the weekend so I would have all week off.

On one of those walks.....while listening to Nine Inch Nails....My favorite band at the time that I would play on a loop in my walkman.

I saw that they had $1 and $3 dollar movies....just within my budget.

I went in and saw a movie...I don't remember the exact one....but I went in and was greeted by a bunch of young adults...just like me.

The enviroment was very cool...I could not buy any food at the snack bar so I just asked for some water and the girl at the concession stand asked me if I wanted some soda and popcorn...I told her I did not have any money and she said that she could give it to me for free.

I said sure...and she gave me a courtesy cup with sprite and a carryout tray with popcorn.....and butter.

It was great, she asked me if I was looking for a job and said that I should apply.

I did....I was working at Thrifty on the weekend only and needed something to do during the week....then she told me I could watch free movies....that was the closer.....I love movies.

I interviewed upstairs in the projection booth...The upstairs projection booth had a toilet....My boss was sitting on it as he interviewed me....the lid was closed so he was sitting on the lid ...but no matter how hard I tried I could not help but think that he was was an easy interview ....I was wearing a black suit and tie with wingtips....I got the job.....

On my first day there....I was initiated....I was told to go get ice from upstairs....not sure why but that is where they decided to put the ice up I went.....with my two buckets ...there they showed me the theatre mascot....a frozen rat underneath the ice machine....scared the daylights out of me....A tradition that I continued for many years :)

It was a dollar movie we never got first run movies....the movies that we got had been out in the theatres at least a few months before we got them....It meant that we received all the movies that other projectionists put together and showed.

Because of this...we would get some pretty messed up movies....but watching movies was the perfect escape from reality...I can't even begin to count the many times that I saw Pulp Fiction ......I had all the lines memorized...

I learned how to put movies together and tear them down....I learned to change bulbs and clean projectors, I learned how to deal with irrate customers (Try telling someone that you can't give them their dollar back because the movie broke) and work in a team enviroment.

I became assistant manager (A Key Twirler) and had free run of the place...on Thursday nights we would stay late tearing down movies...Movies come in usually about 6 seperate two big metal show a movie we had to use a machine that would feed the reels to a big tear it would use the machine to put the movie back onto reels.

So anyways ....if we had 6 meant that we had to wait until the last movie was finished to tear it down...usually at about we very possibly could stay there until 3 in the morning or later.

When we all started to become close...the people that could leave at 10 or 11pm would stay behind to help and hang out.....we would go get food and eat it there....usually after all the work was done....we all were broke so we would pitch in for whoever did not have any money and everyone would eat.

I quit that job eventually...moved on to another Movie Theatre in Pasadena that paid more money...were I got certified as a Real Projectionist and ran first run movies in a 1000 seater movie theatre.....You should of seen the lines for the Star Wars movies...

I definitely recommend that if you have teens that want to work...that they try working at a movie theatre......or if you are looking for a part time stuff from the concession....and working with others.

Yes it is usually minimum wage, but can't beat free movies and food.

I don't work in a Movie Theatre anymore ... It has been a while...but I love thing that I can't stand is the smell of burnt popcorn ..... but I still love Movies and go watch a movie or two as often as possible.

Rip Montery Mall Cinemas 1979 to 2007 (Many good times)

EvilChavo Out.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Lance Mountain| Real Role Models

I was thinking about Lance Mountain.

I was a Sk8er....I skated mostly street.

Lance Mountain lived in Alhambra behind Cal State La.

I did not personally know him, but I knew of him.

When I was a kid in City Terrace, my friends and I would have skate demos in our elementary school....Just and excuse for us kids to get our skate on...and hopefully bring in some people that skated that we did not know about already.

We would get our flyers together and passed them out at school hopeing that we could get some new faces in our neighborhood or maybe even some girls.

Anyways I was thinking about Lance Mountain because when I was young....and we had skate demos.....he actually came to one....that we had in El Sereno...this was in the late 80's when Lance Mountain was in The Bones Brigade and a superstar in everyskaters mind.

He skated for a little while....he gave out stickers....a used board ...some new wheels ....some autographs and left.

No one ever came to our side of the woods...for anything....unless they were looking for a vote or it has remained a very special event in my life.

I found this video on google...that shows the way that he is....

I must give respect...when it is earned.

sk8 or die

He is still skating.....Here is with Grosso and Cab

Evilchavo Out

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The First Ride on a big Bike

Riding a big Bike.

I has a 2000 Polaris Victory cruiser.

It rocked.

When I was working the bay area , I made the decision that I could no longer drive my 64 Lincoln Continental to Pleasanton California from from Fremont Daily...I Just felt it was not fair to my Lincoln to put it thru all that work.

It enjoyed the taste of gas the way I enjoy sopes and burritos....way too much...after trying to start my Vespa (that is sitting at my mom's to this day) and not being able to.

I made the decision that it was time to get something ....a little bigger.....

I rode a Vespa for many year so figured that it would not be difficult at all.....

I tried to buy a Harley but after being told that I had to be put on a waiting list for a really long time....I was like f.... Harley let's see what else it out there....

My scooter was a 200e so had a big engine so I was able to drive a big bike and did not have to thru the hassles of training or anything else like that.

I went to Arlen Ness Motorcycles in San Leandro California and looked at the bikes....they were awesome...along with some choppers and other stuff that I could never afford was my bike....on sale for like 9k or 10k I can't remember the exact price.

After visiting with Yamaha and Honda and other companies I made the decision that this was the best deal for the money and it had a huge engine and the stance that I liked....looked chopped but was not....

So I talked my Credit union into giving me a loan and there I went with check in hand to get the bike....

My Friend Antonio and Marlon drove me there on one of our Friday Half Days and in I went to buy my bike...after some negotiation the bike was mine....

Silver and Black.....Chrome everywhere.....New had like 2 miles on it.

I got the keys to my bike and as I was getting ready to leave the Sales guy asked me if I had my Helmet? I was so excited that I forgot to bring my helmet from home with me and bought the cheapest helmet that they had.....ugliest helmet ever.

So , The Salesguy asked me if I had ever ridden a bike this big before and I say no....He showed me the controls and wished me luck.

I planned out my route home from Arlen Ness the night before and figured I would be fine ....I had never driven a bike like this before....Vespas have a gear shifter in the Left wrist...for when you put the clutch in....lever on the left...then you twist it to put it into gear....then you use the right wrist for gas and your front brake...the back brake is on a pedal on the floorboard....

This bike I just bought had ....the shifter in the right footboard....gas in the right wrist and brakes in the left and right had a toe and heel shifter (Right foot board)...

It was a completely different type of machine...I figured I would have not problem the weeks before I bought the bike and not knowing anyone that had a big bike , I had no one to tell me otherwise...

I remember looking up how to drive a big bike online and was not able to get a really good answer..

So there I was , Huge beast of a bike in the middle of San Leandro, with my maps to get to my house...
I put the bike in gear with the clutch on and tested the gas and engage to see how far I could go with the clutch and gas before stalling and off I went....

I was so freaked out , I don't even know how I got to the gas station...but I did.

At the gas station I remember thinking about how stupid I was and how I was going to kill myself and how my girlfriend was going to be so pissed if I told her I did not want the bike anymore because it was so difficult to ride.....

All of this While I was trying to fill up the gas.....gas started pouring on my new bike and all I could think is that it was not a good sign.

I made the decision to just stop there until my nerves were better because I knew that if I drove that way I was going crash into someone or make someone crash into me....

After about 10 minutes of just standing there with the bike on....I decided it was time to go.

I got on my bike and rode more problems...I just remember how more powerfull the bike was than my scooter and how much heavier it was and how there was no way that I could hold it.....but I did.....I remember going into a Honda dealer and having the guy grill me with questions about what I rode before and how I should get a small beginner bike....

And that kept me going....I could not prove that a hole sales guy right....I made it home....

Drove into our parking spot at the apartments we were living in at the time ....took my left foot....pulled out the kickstand..leaned the bike and blam....the bike fell....I tried to hold it up but the weight of it and the sweat from the ride on my hands and my nerves made the bike slip out my hands.

I picked the bike back up and assesed the damage...broke the left floorboard...I was so upset but happy I made it home....

After that I made it a point to get the right gear for my bike and check the kickstand to make sure it was fully extended before I leaned the bike...I guess it was not like my Vespa after all.

I rode it for many years until my back started giving me problems...but don't regret ever buying matter how many times my girlfriend made fun of me when I rode it in the rain....always telling me I should of bought a car instead.

I was not a biker guy, just seemed weird to me....I rode my bike the way I rode my scooter....huevos band aid.....I did not want to be like the many riders I saw on the road.....

EvilChavo Out.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Being a grown up | I can't believe my parents did not tell me about this

When I was a teenager....

I remember wishing that I was a grown up so that I could have my own place.

Put all my posters up, build a halfpipe in the living room.

Have Gigs every weekend and eat take out all the time.

Fill the fridge with 36 ounce Carta Blancas and just eat, skate, draw and drink all day.

Go to Concerts all the time.

But that is not reality and I can't believe that my parents did not tell me about real life.

I always wonder why I was never forwarned....why my parents did not say...when you grow up ...all you do is work, pay bills and rest when you can.

Life is good now, my family is good and I am happy....

Reality is.....

1) Gotta find deals to sell stuff to make money to pay for bills. (Hustle)
2) Gotta clean the house
3) Gotta do the laundry (Need to look sharp for work)
4) Gotta cook food (Cause eating out everyday gets expensive)
5) Gotta blog (Cause it is as close to being creative as possible without having to pick up a pen and paper to write or draw)
6) Gotta take out the trash (Cause if it piles up you get bugs and other critters and smells that just don't foster a great living enviroment)

Like I said Life is great.

Feels good to do good, feels good to work hard pay bills and do what has to be done.

Maybe I can still build that halfpipe in the living room?

Evilchavo Out.

Friday, October 10, 2008

King Taco Tacos

King Taco

My dad hooked it up for me this last week.
By bringing me some tacos and burritos from King Taco on Third Street.
If you are from Los Angeles or from City Terrace or the surrounding areas you know about King Taco and most likely have already paid them a visit...
if you have not and eat meat...get on it...the address is :
4504 E 3rd StLos Angeles, CA 90022
(323) 264-4067
if you don't eat meat...then you can bean and cheese burrito it.....worked for me when I did not eat meat.
I like my tacos plain, cause when they are made the right don't need a bunch of crap to hide the flavor.(they also keep better for when my dad brings them to me from LA)

If anything and depending on where I am at....lemon, Salt and some Tapatio...that's it....

I don't know what it is about King Taco....Just reminds me of my dad.
When I was younger and if my dad was around , if he had a car at the time he would take me to King Taco then to La Fama Panaderia on Ford...for some sugar Conchas....yum!
I would get me a burrito with all meat...Orange there....then go get some bread and he would drop me off at home with my mom.
Then when I got older, and the burritos got smaller, I started to just order the tacos like I used to when I was a kid......then the pollo asado with the yellow corn chips.
Here's the play by play.

(Threw this tacos into a microwave for a few minutes on a towel to keep the mess down)

Ate the first two, sorry no pics photographer was occupied eating the first two.

Almost done.

Best Combo when no Cactus Cooler or Orange Bang are around
Pepsi and Tacos.....Pepsi is in my blood...just ask my dad...

The last lonely taco....but not for long.
Evilchavo Out.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Learning from my Dreams.

I have always been a dreamer.

When I was a kid , I would make it a point to pose my hands in a way in which it would influence my dream state....

(What I mean is)....that If I wanted to be a boxer in my dreams I would sleep with my fists clenched....if I wanted to be a soldier I would pose my hands as If I was carrying a gun.

It worked most of the time, I would be a boxer in my dreams and control them...I have always been able to control my dreams.

There was a time in my life, when all the friends disappeared and I just did not relate to anyone that I was around.

I needed change and fought so hard with myself in order to stay the same.

I had no one, at this time my mom and Stepdad would take my brother and go to Mexico for months at a time.

I was left alone to fend for myself.

I was in my late teens and ready to go.

I Started working for Thrifty the one off of Whittier Blvd (Next to the Commerce Movie Theatre) as an Ice Cream scooper and was making pretty good money by just working overtime on the weekends.

My hands got so beat up from the ice cream scooping and cold , because there was so much traffic, I did not really have a chance to take breaks or defrost the Ice Cream.

But it felt good to earn that dollar, go home at the end of my weekend and sleep.

Nice and tired , no one to bother me and no one to call me the devil (see evilchavo labeled post)

I would take the bus to work and back and during the week I would just sleep.

I was no longer drinking or partying so had alot of time to write and draw, Friends came around once in a while but always left cause I was just not fully there.

I would go Skating at night, down the hills of City one around....was awesome.

I ate what I bought on the way home and made for myself.

My StepGrandma would come around Twice a month and buy me a case of little juices,....the once that used to cost a .25 cents...the fruit punch or orange ones....and she would bring me a brick of cheese that her daughter would get for her and then she would leave.

I would just sleep all day and in dreams find peace and understanding.

My dreams would show me the way (Sounds weird to me now)

I would go to sleep....after watching tv or skating or drawing or writting or reading all night and .....when I would wake up I would write down my dreams...

Then I would go back to sleep....I would sleep for so many hours............wake up and read my dreams to see if I could understand them....

I finally just got rid of my dream book by burning it in a trash can because I was just wasting so much of my time in fantasy land.

I think I was depressed, but no one was around to be sad to....

I Learned alot those two years from my dreams, I learned that the only way to make them reality is to go out and make them happen......

I Learned that I was no longer a kid and needed to work for a living, I learned that whatever I wanted I had to get for myself.

I started forcing myself to go out , sometimes I would walk to Cal State to get the LA Weekly, sometimes I would just walk to Calvary, or to the City Terrace Library to read.

I Started going to the dollar Movie Theatre in Monterey park(No longer there) to kill time and to keep myself from staying at home and sleeping.

I Started going to Computer school and made a different set of friends, different enviroment....different Evilchavo.

I just needed to change and the timing was right so I did it.

Evilchavo Out.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sopes from La Estrella in East Los Angeles| How to eat a sope without a fork

I received a package from East Los Angeles...late last night.

A special delivery from La Estrella.

6 Carne Asada Sopes.

Yum....they will be eaten that I can maximise my time with them.

(But this is the story of the first two)

Actually the last one, the first one....was too graphic to show....let's just say it was so fast, that it did not even know what was coming.

Carne asada....Refried beans....lettuce and Dry white cheese....

(This is what was left of the first victim)

They had sour cream.......yuck....but that was easily resolved by taking a spoon and taking the top part of the lettuce off.....they put all kinds of I just shook off the excess...and added it to my sope....

A piece of heaven , not just because of how good they taste....but the memories of a world that not many people know about.....but I miss Los Angeles.....but the sopes just ease the heartache a little one bite at a time.

3/4 's gone (The stuff on the side is Grease (Flavor) and melted styrofoam , Don't eat that stuff no matter how good it will regret it later.

How to eat a sope without a fork and knife: I did not have a fork today so I had to use my hands to eat these sopes......

1) You wait for the sope to cool off, because you don't want to get Carne Asada burn.

2) Then you take all the extra crap off ....lettuce...cheese...etc...etc....

3) You take the sope and you wrap it in your hand like a taco.

4) Then you drop the extra meat on the plate (Styrofoam) so that you can eat it later.

5)Then you eat it. The Sope will fall apart, so watch you clothes...

Hope you enjoyed this lesson :)

almost gone

All gone

Must find a way to get some Chili Cheese Fries from the Hat....any ideas?

Next lesson....How to eat a burrito from King Dad just drove by and hooked it up.....feels like my many presents.

La Estrella is at 938 s. Lorena Street in East LA....closest intersection is Whittier Blvd and S. Lorena Street.They have good food at good prices.

EvilChavo Out

Saturday, October 4, 2008

My first unofficial Girlfriend

I was really young.

I had just lost all the weight(See my post on this)

And I met this girl by the name of Marie.

She actually approached me.

I was shocked.

I was not very good with girls at that time and was real shy about the whole situation.

I think I went to the movies with her....we held hands.

I just remember having sweaty hands.

I was broke and she paid for everything.

We walked home...from The Commerce Movie theatre.

I wish I remembered the movie but I was way to out of it due to my shyness that I really don't have any idea what movie it was.

We walked home and I wanted to go to the At and T building on the hills by frogland.

The hills by the AT and T building are just drainage away from the AT and T building,I wanted to go climbing so we did.

So we climbed and she was tripping out on me and I was so scared to make a move that I did a whole load of childish things to try and get her attention.

She finally gave up on me and went home.

I think that she was expecting me to be the guy that I looked like then...not a kid trapped in a teenagers body.

I sneaked out of the house to go on this date and did not tell my mom that I was going to be gone.

So I was scared to go back home.

I walked around the at and t building for hours until I could muster up enough courage to go back home.

I went back home and my mom was awake, she asked me where I was and I told her I went out with a girl.

She said that she knew it...and did not say anything else about it.

I think she was happy that I was a normal kid, My mom started giving me money to buy clothes on my own after that.....

Dickies, Vans and skate shirts. (My uniform at that time)

I never talked to Marie again, she ignored me after that.

I had my first official girlfriend shortly after that I did not make the same mistakes I made with Marie again.

My shyness was not all the way gone , just not around when it came to dating.

Evilchavo Out.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy Halloween (sorry, I know I am a little early)

I Love Halloween.

In my youth there was something that I always looked forward to.

Halloween, It is magic.

Everyone dresses in costume and has fun.

In City Terrace, we would all gang up and go with our moms to the rich or perceived rich neighborhoods and trick or treat in hopes of getting big ticket Snickers....M and M's or money.

Sometimes we would luck out and get Mcdonalds gift fries.

Everyone had a costume, and if they did not ....we would make one up....I was Dracula most of the time......but would change it up sometimes....I was a hobo once....I was Frankenstein....A pirate.....

We would always walk to Monterey park....and see what we could get there.

There were all these rich people that seemed to have alot of money because they always gave us so much.

It's funny how when you are young you see things so much differently that when you are older.

I wonder what they thought we they saw like 5 moms and 10-15 kids walking towards their house....I wonder if they freaked out and wondered if they had enough candy for all of us.

I carry the tradition and now in my older years have learned to prepare for lots of kids , just in case...I have learned that it is so much better to give than to receive.

And now I understand how good those people must of felt when giving all us kids all that candy.

The weather changes and it gets darker earlier, Here in Arizona the weather does not change much (but I can feel it in my bones) Halloween is coming.....woo hoo!

In the bay did not come trick or treating and that was kind of sad for me...I thought.....too bad all this candy and no one to give it to....

We have had some good showings since we moved to Arizona.....Last year we ran out of candy and had to run to the store to get some more....

This year, we will have that we know what kinda traffic we are going to get.....

Happy Halloween! Happy Halloween! Happy Halloween!

Evilchavo Out

Have any good Halloween Stories?Giving out Candy or Other? Post if you got them.