Friday, October 31, 2008

One of my Favorite Movies:Born Losers

I am not a big fan of Billy Jack....

But I remember the first time I saw Born Losers on Tv when I was a very young kid.

I remember it made me think of being a biker and causing all kinds of havoc on the road.

I wanted to be one of the bikers on this movie..I wanted to get into fights and ride off on my chopper with the hottest chick there.

I wanted to find an abandoned church and make it my base of operations.....

The Version I saw on tv was the edited for tv version...but when I got older I saw the unedited with alot more sex and fighting.

I wanted the bad guys to win, I wanted the gang of bikers to make a fool out of Billy Jack...

But Hollywood does not let the bad guys win, even thought they do sometimes.
Was looking for a good video on Youtube to post from this movie...but I found only Billy Jack Stuff....BOOOO!

Found this video,

Who do you think would win in a fight? The Warriors or The Born Losers (Two of my favorite movies)

My personal opinion? The warriors...straight fight (They fight better)....underhanded fight....Born Losers (they would do the worst things to win) .

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