Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Being a grown up | I can't believe my parents did not tell me about this

When I was a teenager....

I remember wishing that I was a grown up so that I could have my own place.

Put all my posters up, build a halfpipe in the living room.

Have Gigs every weekend and eat take out all the time.

Fill the fridge with 36 ounce Carta Blancas and just eat, skate, draw and drink all day.

Go to Concerts all the time.

But that is not reality and I can't believe that my parents did not tell me about real life.

I always wonder why I was never forwarned....why my parents did not say...when you grow up ...all you do is work, pay bills and rest when you can.

Life is good now, my family is good and I am happy....

Reality is.....

1) Gotta find deals to sell stuff to make money to pay for bills. (Hustle)
2) Gotta clean the house
3) Gotta do the laundry (Need to look sharp for work)
4) Gotta cook food (Cause eating out everyday gets expensive)
5) Gotta blog (Cause it is as close to being creative as possible without having to pick up a pen and paper to write or draw)
6) Gotta take out the trash (Cause if it piles up you get bugs and other critters and smells that just don't foster a great living enviroment)

Like I said Life is great.

Feels good to do good, feels good to work hard pay bills and do what has to be done.

Maybe I can still build that halfpipe in the living room?

Evilchavo Out.

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