Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas...Why I hated the holidays...some other ramblings...

So...been a life.

Been happy , but the holidays are tough for me.

Any holiday meant my stepfather would peace out forth next few for example this past weekend...Sat , Sun and Monday off meant Friday he was off and would disappear til we found him passed out in a bar or car or asleep somewhere Monday late or early Tuesday morning.

He would say nothing...why you drinking? My stepdads response...I don't know...why didn't you call us to pick you up?...I don't know....what happened to your paycheck? I don't know...

That's why for many years my favorite holiday...Halloween!

Nothing bad ever happened drinking ...nothing...I'd have my Happy Halloween gig and all was well with the world :)

Now I'm getting older I love lil pumpkin takes care of me....I don't need a gift to be happy...just a minimal amount of easy to manage problems if any.

The best gift ever.

Happy Christmas. Happy new year! Happy life!

I grew in a not so good neighborhood with lots if hard working neighbors and friends.

I would not change anything...even the hard to swallow and sad made me who,where..what I am today.

For those that take the time to visit my blog from time to time Thank you ....for visiting...been feeling inspired lately working on some 2012 will be a posting year....:)

Viva City Terrace!!

EvilChavo out.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Wingtips, suits and the right gear for worklife

I learned from a very young age about the right gear to wear.

My mom dressed me up in suits until I was 4, crazy.

So as soon as I could dress myself I chose to wear jeans or when I got bigger cords and t-shirts.

Then Dickies, skate shirts, vans high tops and dickies jacket when dressed up.

As I got older I started wearing suits again.

It's funny how everything comes around full circle.

In my work life, I always wear the correct gear.

When I got my first job as an Ice Cream Scooper, I made my mom buy me a black suit from JC Penny ,white button up shirt from the clearance section and some wingtips from sears.

Cheap gear , nothing expensive....I was the only one at the interview with a suit.

I think I still have the suit and tie by the way.Needless to say, I got the Job, did not wear the suit for scooping Ice Cream just a white button up shirt with a tie and black dickies.

My second job, at Monterey Mall Cinemas in Monterey park ...went to the job interview in a suit....only one there with a suit and got the job.....

It has been the case for every job I have had, always getting better jobs always upgrading my gear.

Always working my ass off...always staying later that anyone else...always there no matter what...even if I hated the job.

Now being on time, thats a whole different story (Will write about that later) It is my one last things to fix....I just can't seem to get past the fact that I always end up 10-15 minutes later to jobs....there always seems to be something I need to go back for....something that I will need and not have and kick myself for not bringing. Crazy...I know.

Anyways back to what I was writting about, I wear wingtips to work....I have worn them ever since I started working...wether they be docs or cheapies....does not feel like work unless I have some form of wingtips on....square toe, traditional, black ,Brown, oxblood,Black and white (what I wear currently) all except for Square toe wingtip boots (More like botines) they don't seem normal to me....not sure why.

I have always been very carefull with my shoes...I learned early on...Because once I started wanting to wear docs I had to make them last....they were expensive ...usually about $125,Which meant that I had to make my docs last about 2 years at a minimum...which getting them wet....not letting them get dull....My mom worked but did not have that kind of money to waste....but when they had to get dirty, they had to get dirty and there was nothing that could be done about it.

I would shine my shoes...the way it said on the kiwi polish...but when I started working at the movie theatre...I was taught how to shine them the right way.

I would shine my shoes with parade gloss or black kiwi or kiwi depending on the color of the shoe every week and especially for meetings or interviews.......(Now that I think about it, I will post a tutorial on how to shine your shoes) Now I shine only when needed.

I was taught by my friend Mike and he would make it a point to shine his shoes often and that is where I picked up the habit.

Gear is very important to me, Don't misunderstand me ...I don't wear suits daily....I am a short sleeved checker shirt and jeans kinda guy most of the time...Just Like every other guy out there.

But there is just something about throwing on my suit , with shiny wingtips and tie and sometimes even hat that just makes me feel like am the king of all I see .

Evilchavo out.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Road trip, gaining some mileage,taking a nap while driving and the reason they call it Bourbon St....Az to Nola part 1

October is my birthday month, when a teenager I used to have great big gigs in my backayard to celebrate my birthday.

Since I can't do that anymore.

I am enjoying my old age and wanted to go to one of the places I always wanted to visit when I was teenager, New Orleans.

So we rented a full size car (which ended up being a mini van) and packed our guidebooks and gear along with our two puppies...The Boy and the Mickey Doodle.

Headed out on the 10 East to New Orleans, of course we thought leaving on Saturday in the morning early after picking up the car...we would get there by Sunday in the Evening the latest.

Or that is what we figured, went to pick up the car and the lady said there were none. We had a reservation for a full size car since forever and were not going to go back home with our tails between our legs in defeat especially after needed to get on the road A.S.A.P.

So after about three hours of explaning our situation to as many different people as possible, we got ourselves a mini van...which I thought was cool due to the space but the little pumpkin was like boo! cause it was a mini van.

Got on the road, made our way out of Arizona, stopped in New Mexico to get a name tag for one of our boys and headed to Texas.

Wanted to make our way all the way to Midland Texas due to was actually in the middle of where we needed to be and where we left from.

In case you are needing to book accomodations for you and your pups , I highly recommend doing your homework first.....We stayed at the Marriot and they charge $150 per stay, which is cool if you are going to stay for more than a few nights, but we only stayed one night (we got there at about 2am) and left early the next day.

Taking the side roads, down to Houston, which was lots of fun..old school roads....that made me feel like taking some pictures on the road (I did not take any before then)

Made our way into Houston at about 9P.M. and stayed at the Sheraton and there was no dog fee and it was a was really nice, we ordered in , has some steaks from the restaurant on site Omaha Steak House and had an awesome meal.

Woke up the next day took a drive across the remainder of Texas and drove into Louisianna, when you get back onto the 10 East past Houston, the road changes, things turn alot more rustic...there are malls and Targets and Walmart like any other place.

(driving into Louisianna) (Our Road warrior)( Chingon Bridge)

But the feeling is totally different, people start saying Hello to you as you walk into the stores and it just seems like things are a whole load more pleasant.

So did some research and made a decision to stay in La Quinta (no puppy fee)in the French Quarter..there is something awesome about the road over there ... Driving over swamps, looking at dead racoons , and old trees full of spanish moss.
Drove into New Orleans, settled into our room. I did not realize how awesome a spot we chose to stay at , having been to Madrid...last year for my bday...I did not realize how European it would be. The Old messed up streets, the old buildings, the dust.

We walked down the street (two blocks down) to the Palace Cafe...had one of the most extraordinary meals of my life...I ordered the pork was just like someone was pumping happy juice into heaven was being injected into my veins...was so good...that I understood with that one meal why New Orleans was what it was like the good and the bad were both sitting on my shoulder and beating each other up trying to get me to be good or stay bad.
They also had some of the most awesome french bread i have eaten, lets not get crazy it was not as good as the french bread in Madrid or the bolillos in City Terrace that used to cost 6 for a dollar and were baked fresh everyday.
So, that's part 1, more on the vaca and what else happened in New come
Evilchavo Out.