Saturday, June 4, 2011

Wingtips, suits and the right gear for worklife

I learned from a very young age about the right gear to wear.

My mom dressed me up in suits until I was 4, crazy.

So as soon as I could dress myself I chose to wear jeans or when I got bigger cords and t-shirts.

Then Dickies, skate shirts, vans high tops and dickies jacket when dressed up.

As I got older I started wearing suits again.

It's funny how everything comes around full circle.

In my work life, I always wear the correct gear.

When I got my first job as an Ice Cream Scooper, I made my mom buy me a black suit from JC Penny ,white button up shirt from the clearance section and some wingtips from sears.

Cheap gear , nothing expensive....I was the only one at the interview with a suit.

I think I still have the suit and tie by the way.Needless to say, I got the Job, did not wear the suit for scooping Ice Cream just a white button up shirt with a tie and black dickies.

My second job, at Monterey Mall Cinemas in Monterey park ...went to the job interview in a suit....only one there with a suit and got the job.....

It has been the case for every job I have had, always getting better jobs always upgrading my gear.

Always working my ass off...always staying later that anyone else...always there no matter what...even if I hated the job.

Now being on time, thats a whole different story (Will write about that later) It is my one last things to fix....I just can't seem to get past the fact that I always end up 10-15 minutes later to jobs....there always seems to be something I need to go back for....something that I will need and not have and kick myself for not bringing. Crazy...I know.

Anyways back to what I was writting about, I wear wingtips to work....I have worn them ever since I started working...wether they be docs or cheapies....does not feel like work unless I have some form of wingtips on....square toe, traditional, black ,Brown, oxblood,Black and white (what I wear currently) all except for Square toe wingtip boots (More like botines) they don't seem normal to me....not sure why.

I have always been very carefull with my shoes...I learned early on...Because once I started wanting to wear docs I had to make them last....they were expensive ...usually about $125,Which meant that I had to make my docs last about 2 years at a minimum...which getting them wet....not letting them get dull....My mom worked but did not have that kind of money to waste....but when they had to get dirty, they had to get dirty and there was nothing that could be done about it.

I would shine my shoes...the way it said on the kiwi polish...but when I started working at the movie theatre...I was taught how to shine them the right way.

I would shine my shoes with parade gloss or black kiwi or kiwi depending on the color of the shoe every week and especially for meetings or interviews.......(Now that I think about it, I will post a tutorial on how to shine your shoes) Now I shine only when needed.

I was taught by my friend Mike and he would make it a point to shine his shoes often and that is where I picked up the habit.

Gear is very important to me, Don't misunderstand me ...I don't wear suits daily....I am a short sleeved checker shirt and jeans kinda guy most of the time...Just Like every other guy out there.

But there is just something about throwing on my suit , with shiny wingtips and tie and sometimes even hat that just makes me feel like am the king of all I see .

Evilchavo out.

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