Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas...Why I hated the holidays...some other ramblings...

So...been a life.

Been happy , but the holidays are tough for me.

Any holiday meant my stepfather would peace out forth next few for example this past weekend...Sat , Sun and Monday off meant Friday he was off and would disappear til we found him passed out in a bar or car or asleep somewhere Monday late or early Tuesday morning.

He would say nothing...why you drinking? My stepdads response...I don't know...why didn't you call us to pick you up?...I don't know....what happened to your paycheck? I don't know...

That's why for many years my favorite holiday...Halloween!

Nothing bad ever happened drinking ...nothing...I'd have my Happy Halloween gig and all was well with the world :)

Now I'm getting older I love lil pumpkin takes care of me....I don't need a gift to be happy...just a minimal amount of easy to manage problems if any.

The best gift ever.

Happy Christmas. Happy new year! Happy life!

I grew in a not so good neighborhood with lots if hard working neighbors and friends.

I would not change anything...even the hard to swallow and sad made me who,where..what I am today.

For those that take the time to visit my blog from time to time Thank you ....for visiting...been feeling inspired lately working on some 2012 will be a posting year....:)

Viva City Terrace!!

EvilChavo out.


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