Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fantasy Land| Twilight (forced upon)

I have been in fantasy land these last few weeks....ah sweet fantasy land.

Life is good but sometimes when it is bad ,it is good to get your mind away from it all by reading or doing something productive....I read alot...but lately I have been sucked in by the internet and all I read is stuff that is posted online.....just me and the monitor.

But lately I have been getting bored , not of what people write but of the day to day ritual that I developed of turning on the computer and going to read off of some of my favorite websites.

The Little pumpkin forced me and I do mean FORCED me to read the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer.

I reluctantly took the book from her and promised that I would read and I tried but was not fully into it(For the fist few chapters)....then one day I realized that I could not wait to read and that I was slowly putting the book in front of my face instead of the monitor and that I was enjoying what I read, I could not wait to get to the next book and the next book and the next.

I started reading at the City Terrace Library from an early age(I wrote about somewhere in the City Terrace Label on the side bar) The Anne Rice Interview with a Vampire book and because of it I read all the Anne Rice books , I kept reading all thru my teenage years and when I read the books from the Twilight series I was reminded of those days .

Yes Twilight is different that any of the Anne Rice vampire books and the vampires are totally different, the concept way different.

but ,The Cullens are really Similar to the way Louis is, does not like to drink human blood and that is one of the things that I really thought was original....also the story is really good.

The love story also reminded me of Louis and of how he would would probably be if we was the one to fall in love with a Human but there are other things there that attracted me to the books....The sense of family....the total loyalty that they have for each other...and their need of each other.

Yes I liked the books so much that I was kinda sad when I got to the last book because I felt that I had to go back to reality and deal with the everyday challenges that can't be solved by fighting or standing your ground with the ones that you love.....because real life does not work that way...in real life.....the bad guys win and the honorable things are not considered honorable but weak....and what happens when people misinterpret honor or kindness for weakness , they use against you to destroy you.

But that is how life goes, I am working on some good stuff for this blog and will hopefully post it online within the next week or two.

If you are still around , I appreciate it.

Evilchavo Out.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Great Moments in Music|The Chelsea Girls

I dig me some Duane Peters & Corey Parks....

So while looking for cool skate videos of them or the band on youtube ,I came upon "The Chelsea Girls"

All woman cover band....they f+ckin Rock!

Drummer Sam Maloney from Hole on Drums
Guitar player Allison Robertson from the Donnas on Guitar
Corey Parks on Bass
and singing Tuesdae ?

I wish I still lived in LA so I could go hear this Ladies rock out.

They put some guy bands to shame.

They named themselves after this movie by Andy Warhol

Looks interesting.

Here's Duane and his old Lady on Bass

Evilchavo Out.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Don Pablitos in City Terrace

Don Pablitos was located at the corner or City Terrace Drive and Carmelita.

Don Pablito the owner was a older man that wore a hard hat and a lab coat to tend to his store and always chatted up whomever came in to buy something.

Don Pablitos wife....scared me.

She looked like she would beat me up if I asked for the wrong thing.

I went to Don Pablitos since I was a little kid and thru little kid eyes she did not look like she liked kids.....(weird how we think when we are young)

They had so many things.

Don Pablitos was a corner store with a long walkway that had to large diplay windows down a narrow corridor that you walked thru to get the the door of the store and it contained..arcade games...a bunch display cased and shelves lots of shelves with a bunch of hidden treasures . The shelves were everywhere and extended all the way to the ceiling (or that is what I remember)

Don Pablitos had toys...from Mexico...Piñatas,candy,....all kinds of stuff.

I bought my little brother his first birthday present there...a wind up tin tricycle that I saved up for(see the City Terrace Label for the story) .

When you went into the store you were greeted by Don Pablito or his wife...they would ask you what you were looking for and in what price range and they would sort thru all their stuff and get it for you if they had it.

They even developed film...(probably sent it out) I was into taking pictures and would always be the one designated to go to Don Pablitos to get the film developed and pick it up when it was ready......

One day I forgot that I took the film in and about three weeks later my brother came running in the house to tell me that I had to go get the film from Don Pablitos...he was so upset and embarrased...

He said that Don Pablito posted one of our pictures on the display window of his shop and everyone could see that we did not pay for the pictures and that they were available for pick up.

I skated down the hill to Don Pablitos and looked at the picture that he had displayed and it was a picture of my cousins and my mom shaking hands with our relative that lived in TJ,.....My mom was sporting a I just woke up Fro and my aunts was also....it was a really funny picture....but not something I wanted displayed like a scarlet letter for everyone to see.

Don Pablitos is no longer there.....not sure what happened to Don Pablito and his wife...but his sons started BJ Brothers on Ford and Cesar Chavez street by the freeway(it is now called Party Planet) not sure if still owned by Don Pablitos family.

For those of you that have not been there it is a set of (What looks like) warehouses that are all on one huge lot and they sell party supplies....rent out brinca brincas and all kinds of other stuff...they even have a private investigator service in case you are looking for that long lost love.

Don pablitos was exactly like that but enclosed in a corner store that was about 40x10.

Funny how the things that you remember from your childhood are things that seemed so trivial , funny how all you want to do when you are young is get away to see new things and all you do when you get older is remember those little things that made that period of your life special.

Evilchavo Out.