Thursday, December 3, 2009

Time and dreaming about being a hero instead of a zero

Just a short post today, been away for some time, trying not to let go of the rollercoster that we have been going on for the last few months.

But that is how we roll lately, all of us.

or should I say most of us?

Went to the bay area, saw my little brother get married to the coolest woman with the most awesome family.

On the wedding: Was awesome , fun but don't ever leave to change without making sure all your party goes with you or is at least supervised while trying to win a tequila drinking contest with herself.

Went to Madrid in Spain for a bit and loved every minute of it.

On Madrid:

We rented a small flat by El Retiro Park up the hill from the Metro.

El Retiro Park is the coolest park, so much stuff going on.

Had Great views in our rented flat and emjoyed the use of public transportation while there....Metro, Bus and Walking...mostly bus and metro.

Los gatos de madrid are cool , up all nite and seem to live for non work related activities.

No one is out in the morning time unless you are are out because you are coming home from the night before.

Everyone walks, they love their doggies and always said Hello.

I blended in real good, all proper gear, but on our way to the airport on our way back home to Arizona, packed down with gear: a rollaway and a big old backpack...I must of seemed like the perfect target....for some kids that made the mistake of trying to open up my backpack...I felt the pull and could tell by the reaction of the people in front of me that I should turn around and I did.....these little kids freaked out...I chose to just stare them down ( I purposely did not put anything of value in those front pockets for this same reason) they got off at the next stop.

My battle ready little pumpkin wanted to smash them to bits and was mad because I did not tell her or do anything as it was happening.

But I knew that it was not worth being late for our plane or the damage that we both would of caused if we chose to fight.

Overall Madrid Rocked!! can't wait to go back to see all the spots we did not have time for, go back for the food we did not have time for.

Madrid is safe, you just have to make sure you don't look like a mark and take safety precautions with your money, I had a fake wallet where I would keep a small amount of euros (Under 10) that I would use openly for Coca Cola or snacks or the metro...big money was in a hidden pocket.

I will write a more detailed account of the activities and spots visited while in Spain.

But for now, Evilchavo Out.

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