Saturday, February 28, 2009

Boarders|They were so close

My Step uncle Largo was the second oldest brother of 12 and I am guessing that he was the way he was because he was the second born.

My Stepdad was the first born and the serious more lethal one and I am assuming that he helped raise his brother Largo.

I say this because they have always been really close but really different.

Towards the end of our runs to the border my stepdad started drinking and doing other stuff that none of us found out about until we were all much older and he no longer was able to hide his secrets...or most likely just did not want to hide them anymore.

So , what happened was they were starting to make it more and more difficult to sneak people across...asking more complicated questions, ,making it harder to get documents....and such....(Again this is more that 20 years ago or thereabout) so around this time they installed the big concrete barriers you see on the freeways in a zig zag formation behind the place where the immigration officers sit.

So prices were going up and because of my stepdads extra curricular activities we did not have any money for more than a month and my uncle that was living with us got tired of waiting for money and said that he would take care of it and go get our stepaunt that had been at our aunts house for more that 2 months now.

He did not understand that the reason most our adventures were succesful was because of careful planning and understanding of how the system that was in place worked...but now it was a totally different animal and we needed to understand in order to assist....(well I needed to understand in order to assist cause everyone was always wanting to jump the gun and say f-it) one understood that it was not a game and that their would be some serious consequences if we did things the wrong way.

So we got word that Largo was going to take care of it....I asked what he was going to do and he said he was not going to do anything.....I asked my Stepdad to find out what he was going to do and he told my Stepdad he was going to wait for him to get the money so we could do things the way we always did them.

I knew better, I knew that my Stepuncle always felt that we were too cautious and did too much thinking....he always felt that because of my age I did not know what I was talking about(This has been the story of all my life, people always thinking that because I look so young I can't think)....but I did and more importantly I did not want anyone to go to jail so I was overly cautious.

Another weekend went by and my stepuncle that did not live with us was nowhere to be found....a day later we get a call from our stepaunt saying that he was in jail...and that she wanted to go back to Mexico.

We asked her what happened and she said that they tried to cross the border and did not make it thru.....they arrested my stepuncle and let her go back across the border to Mexico.

We asked her what they did and my Stepaunt reluctantly said that he got there in the morning on his motorcycle and they went for a ride....they saw the way things were being run and he said that they were going to ride over the border to the U.S.

He told her that my stepdad had no money and that he checked in on pricing and they were charging too much and that he was not going to let her go thru the cerro(The hills...bad stuff happens to girls in the hills) without him (Way too dangerous)

They made their way down the line and went they got to the booth he gunned his motorcycle....he was almost past the concrete barriers but was not able to make it past the last one before all the immigration officers were upon them and putting them in hangcuffs.

He went to Jail for a good amount of time and we took care of his wife and kids while he was in jail, my stepdad sent money to my stepaunt so she could go back to MExico and was really dissapointed in the fact that he could not help to bring her over..not in the fact that it was a stupid idea and they should of waited for things to be done as usual without risk or not done at all.

This is one of the last times that I participated in this type of activity over 20 years ago.

I learned alot from these adventures, especially not to mess up my life and too cherish the good times cause you never know when they will end or change.

(If you are interested in some of these stories from all the boarders that lived with us and some of their stories see the label Boarders on the right hand side)

Evilchavo Out

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