Saturday, February 21, 2009

Corazón de pollo| My inheritance

Corazón de pollo

Se referiere a alguien de corazón muy blando, que se conmueve muy fácilmente.

osea cuando uno es muy sentido....or when someone is very sensitive...

Its refers to someone with a soft heart, someone that is susceptible to impressionable things easily.

My mom was talking to me today...cause she is feeling sentimental.

Just like I felt yesterday...and she always comes up with some weird sayings.

She said that she will leave me as an inheritance her "Corazón de pollo" = heart of a chicken.

She said that no matter how hard we try to act we always give in and can't help but love those that we love.

I Never heard of "Corazón de pollo" it is a weird saying but....I guess when I think about it I do have one just like hers and my brother has the same one as us also.

and I guess my kids will have a chicken heart and so will their chickies....

weird saying but I totally am sentimental, when you get thru my black encrusted scarred up heart , all you get is feeling....100% emotion

Anger, Love or Sadness or a combination of the three.

But maybe I should not of posted this cause now you will know a little too much about me.

f*ck it. :]

Evilchavo Out.

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