Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Boarders|The Play

This is what would happen mostly every other weekend in my life for many years.

We would meet someone at my stepdads aunts house in Tijuana (She had a home there and also across the border in San Isidro)They would come in from Mexico asking for my dad and never letting us know before hand that they were on their way.

Our stepdads Aunt would call us and says someone has been here for about a week they said that they talked to you and you told them to stay here until you came to get them.

We would drive down to Tijuana on the otay border crossing and see who was there, My stepdad would ask them what the situation was and how much money they had and we would go and find a coyote for them that they could afford, if they did not have any money then usually we would tell them to stay there and find a job to get the money of wait for us to have it available to loan.

Sometimes we did not or were not able to get the money and the person in Tijuana could not or would not get a job and they would just go back home.

Of the people that we helped out with a loan, No one ever paid us back and most of the time, we just helped in order to get our stepdads nagging aunt off our back.

I am talking about 20 or so years ago when a Coyote would charge $500 bucks to bring someone over thru the line instead thru the fence.

It was always a hit or miss scenario, I would usually help them with how to look and act and my Stepdad would go talk to the coyotes to see what new methods were being the most affective and then we would negotiate a price and send them down the line.

Send them down the line , warning them about how to talk and how to act while in front of the border agents ...how not to act and how not to stand ....how to respond and what kind of mindset to have, with the warning that if they got caught they would be processed and released back to the Mexico and where to meet us if that happened.

This is how it played out with Huero from the last Boarders story but this is what would pretty much happen most of the time:

I would cross the border a few people behind him and met with him at the Churchs Chicken Down the Street, My parents that were crossing the border by car and met us at the Churchs chicken as soon as they crossed....we took our bucket of Chicken and we all went back to my Aunts house in San Isidro.

Usually it would take a few passes to get thru....does not always work on the first try.....you could get other docs from the Coyote if the one that he sold you did not work....but they did most of the time....if someone could not get thru it was because they did not follow the plan and messed up somewhere down the line..

I did not always go with them...sometimes it was my Stepdad while I would drive the rest of us thru the border...it all depended on the type of person and what help they needed and how much they were willing to listen.

Huero made it and made a pretty good life for himself. you can read his story and the story of other people that we helped at the "Boarders" label on the side bar.

Evilchavo Out.

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