Monday, January 26, 2009

Ode to u

It is hard to describe , but I am going to try.

My feelings for you and how they have never changed.

I know that we met when I was really young but feel that with age my love for you has only grown stronger.

When I was younger I did not know how to appreciate you or the things that you did for me and in my young age I chose others over you.

I guess my mind was on other things and I was not able to fully appreciate you.

I did not realize that you were the light that shone on the path to my future.

When I was younger in City Terrace, u saved me...u helped me...u took me away from the pain and the sorrow and the difficulties of growing up.

With you I became strong and learned how to stand up for myself and no let anyone look down on me or belittle me.

U made it all go away...u helped me let it all ...sometimes even let me take it out on a punching bag....

YOu let me do things to you that I would not do to anyone else...I needed the release and you were always there waiting..even if I let someone else borrow you.or if I left you out in the rain..your were always there...even when I would go downhill....or threw you across the were always there waiting....ready.

I remember how tight you were when I first started to ride you and after the many years you loosened up and so did I , you and I became one and we could do and conquer anything and my old age I miss you and wish I could caress the concave of your tail and ride you like I did when I was younger, I wish I could grind your trucks and tap your tail like I did back then, flipping you and landing on you and grabbing you when I threw you up in the air.

God, I miss my is the fountain of youth.

EvilChavo Out

sk8 or die

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