Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Boarders|Taking advantage of a great opportunity

Huero was a young guy that had alot of questions.

He also came to City Terrace Illegaly from Mexico D.F. In barrientos.

He was short and really skinny and had his hair long in the back and sides..kind of like a mullet but not so business if you know what I mean?

He was a friend of a friend of my stepdad and because apparently we were a boarding house he stayed with us for a few months.

He liked Def Leppard alot....alot.... he only had a gym bag filled with the few possessions that he brought with him from Mexico, it included some def leppard tapes.

He was wearing some boots that looked like leather uggs...but they were standard issue for all the guys came from there...it is as if someone told them that if they came to the US they had to wear these boots.

Which were cool but did not look like anything that we wore in East Los...

I figured we should not go with his look of a rocker with his preshrunk heavy metal 501'S and Def Leppard shirt and I let him borrow some of my gear for crossing the border, let him borrow my docs and a Janes Addiction Shirt and we both talked out bands as we walked down the line.

I told him to take out his just purchased birth certificate and id when he got to the border agent and to not mess with his pockets or fiddle with it until he was right in front of the border Agent, I told him to just relax talk to me and that we would be split up anyways as we walked down the line, so to not freak out when that happened.

I told him to always go with the flow and not cause any back up of delays and to not look for me after we split up because we wanted it to look like we just met in the line and got to talking about bands.

He came up to the border agent a few people ahead of me and was asked if he was a U.S. Citizen....He said " Yes" The border agent asked him for his documents and he took them out of his pocket and handed them to the agent....the agent asked him if he was from Los Angeles and he said "Yes" the border agent without looking at the documents he was just handed by Huero let him pass....We were lucky that day...."Def Leppard" and "Yes" were some of the only words besides "Thank you "that he knew.

He did good for himself, found a job a week into moving in with us and asked all kinds of questions on how to get around ,started taking the bus everywhere, bought a car, paid rent to my mom and stepdad and started taking classes to learn english...then saved up his money , learned english and moved out to a place of his own....got married, had kids fixed his legal status and made a good life for himself and his family, never got rid of the almost mullet hair cut, no matter how much we made fun of it :)

Evilchavo Out.

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