Saturday, February 14, 2009

Earaches and Tequila|LIving the dream

I have an earache...mindnuming...neverending

I need my mom. to get me some Ruda (Do you know what Ruda is?)

My mom does not know what it is called in english...Neither does my brother

"Just ask them for Ruda" they say.

It is some green twig or leaf thing you put on a gauze with something else and it makes the earache go away....

Don Julio my muse will have to make it all go away.

The pit of pain is in my brain and I need something to numb the pain.

A drink or two to make it all go away, to make it all fade away.

Happy Valentines Day!

Evilchavo Out.


EL CHAVO! said...

Ruda is known as rue in English. My neighbors used to sneak into my yard to get some late at night.

Evil Chavo said...


Thanks for the comment.

Tequila only worked for a little while,I almost got in a fight with a snapper....thought he was cool then he started getting carried away trying to blame the liquor.

Funny, how even in my younger years and with a whole load of alcohol in me I never snapped like that.....I knew how to be respectful and how to keep the peace especially when no at home and in different enviroments.

Thank you, Thank you for the Rue translation...hopefully I will get some and fix my earache.

I owe you one.

Evilchavo Out.