Friday, February 13, 2009

Boarders|Friday the 13th

It was on Friday the 13th that I made my step uncle Beto move back to Mexico , Many Many years ago now.

This is what happened:

My uncle Beto which is now my godfather.

Was heavy into Heavy Metal,He on one of the many trips that we took to DF a placed called Barrientos.

Let me sleep in his room and schooled me on Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Pink Floyd, Janis Joplin and Cream, some other stuff but these vinyl records were my schooling while I was there.

So when he decided to move back to the U.S. to see if he could make some money to take back to Mexico so that he could marry his girlfriend...I was very eager to show him a good time...I was 16...The day he got back seemed like a good day to take him out......I had a good amount of friends that spoke spanish and we needed someone to drive us around while we partied.

My uncle being the adult in the group , He was probably in his mid 20's reluctantly agreed to borrow my stepdads car and drive us around for the uncle still had his California License from one of the many trips that he took back and forth to the US for work(He would come over work for a year or two , save all his money and then buy a bunch of stuff for his brothers and sisters and then take it all back with him)

I was dating a new girl at Wilson High school by the name of Sherry Rome( Name has been changed to protect the innocent) that moved here from New Orleans and lived in Pasadena with her family or at least that is what she said...not sure if she really was from New Orleans, but I was heavy into Anne Rice books so her being from New Orleans worked for me.

We met her and my friends at a gig , which I made my uncle come and experience, he enjoyed it and the year before I had gone out with him to some weird spots in Mexico so I figured it would be no big deal....

Sherry, My friends and I packed into my stepdads early 80's Cadillac and made our way to this park in pasadena....that has hill with a lake on top...I forget the name....but if you are from there you will know the spot....everyone in that are a partied there....we made my uncle buy us some 40's and some strawberry hill and made our way up the dark park, my friends were smoking out and asking my uncle if he wanted which he replied no...all he smoked was Marlboros and all he drank was beer.

My uncle eventually just went back to the car (I did not know this because I was not around )and he did not want to come back up with my friends.It was about 3 in the morning and we were not done partying....We asked my Uncle to buy us some more beer and he said that he was not going to drink anymore.

We figured it was time to stop and he dropped us all off at home and went to sleep.

Next day, My mom wakes me up and asks what happened with my uncle Beto...I was like nothing...we went to a party then the park and hung out ...Why? Porque Ma?

My brother " What did they do to him?"

My mom said he wants to go back to Mexico...he said that he saw some crazy things last night with your friends and never wants to come back to the U.S.

I talked to my uncle and he said that he just had to go back..he said that he needed to be in Mexico....

I Never figured out what happened....My uncle, had been in jail and knew how to fight and by what he told me and what everyone else told me nothing happened...they said all he talked about was bands and stuff...I guess I will never know.

This would happen sometimes with our boarders, sometimes they just had to go back home and they would never tell us why.

I did not expect this from my uncle since he had been coming over for years , He married that girlfriend, had babies and made his life, a good life.

That same evening we bought him his ticket back to DF and he has never been back to the U.S. since.

Evilchavo Out.

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