Friday, October 10, 2008

King Taco Tacos

King Taco

My dad hooked it up for me this last week.
By bringing me some tacos and burritos from King Taco on Third Street.
If you are from Los Angeles or from City Terrace or the surrounding areas you know about King Taco and most likely have already paid them a visit...
if you have not and eat meat...get on it...the address is :
4504 E 3rd StLos Angeles, CA 90022
(323) 264-4067
if you don't eat meat...then you can bean and cheese burrito it.....worked for me when I did not eat meat.
I like my tacos plain, cause when they are made the right don't need a bunch of crap to hide the flavor.(they also keep better for when my dad brings them to me from LA)

If anything and depending on where I am at....lemon, Salt and some Tapatio...that's it....

I don't know what it is about King Taco....Just reminds me of my dad.
When I was younger and if my dad was around , if he had a car at the time he would take me to King Taco then to La Fama Panaderia on Ford...for some sugar Conchas....yum!
I would get me a burrito with all meat...Orange there....then go get some bread and he would drop me off at home with my mom.
Then when I got older, and the burritos got smaller, I started to just order the tacos like I used to when I was a kid......then the pollo asado with the yellow corn chips.
Here's the play by play.

(Threw this tacos into a microwave for a few minutes on a towel to keep the mess down)

Ate the first two, sorry no pics photographer was occupied eating the first two.

Almost done.

Best Combo when no Cactus Cooler or Orange Bang are around
Pepsi and Tacos.....Pepsi is in my blood...just ask my dad...

The last lonely taco....but not for long.
Evilchavo Out.

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Dollie56 said...

I Love King Tacos Tacos haha