Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sopes from La Estrella in East Los Angeles| How to eat a sope without a fork

I received a package from East Los Angeles...late last night.

A special delivery from La Estrella.

6 Carne Asada Sopes.

Yum....they will be eaten that I can maximise my time with them.

(But this is the story of the first two)

Actually the last one, the first one....was too graphic to show....let's just say it was so fast, that it did not even know what was coming.

Carne asada....Refried beans....lettuce and Dry white cheese....

(This is what was left of the first victim)

They had sour cream.......yuck....but that was easily resolved by taking a spoon and taking the top part of the lettuce off.....they put all kinds of I just shook off the excess...and added it to my sope....

A piece of heaven , not just because of how good they taste....but the memories of a world that not many people know about.....but I miss Los Angeles.....but the sopes just ease the heartache a little one bite at a time.

3/4 's gone (The stuff on the side is Grease (Flavor) and melted styrofoam , Don't eat that stuff no matter how good it will regret it later.

How to eat a sope without a fork and knife: I did not have a fork today so I had to use my hands to eat these sopes......

1) You wait for the sope to cool off, because you don't want to get Carne Asada burn.

2) Then you take all the extra crap off ....lettuce...cheese...etc...etc....

3) You take the sope and you wrap it in your hand like a taco.

4) Then you drop the extra meat on the plate (Styrofoam) so that you can eat it later.

5)Then you eat it. The Sope will fall apart, so watch you clothes...

Hope you enjoyed this lesson :)

almost gone

All gone

Must find a way to get some Chili Cheese Fries from the Hat....any ideas?

Next lesson....How to eat a burrito from King Dad just drove by and hooked it up.....feels like my many presents.

La Estrella is at 938 s. Lorena Street in East LA....closest intersection is Whittier Blvd and S. Lorena Street.They have good food at good prices.

EvilChavo Out


Dona Junta said...

So theses are the sopes and La Estrella you are talking about hmm looks good!

Evil Chavo said...

They were so good, I took the pictures with my cell so they did not come out to well.

Just got a new camera , so my pics will look alot better.

Thank you for commenting.

Evilchavo Out.