Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Arizona State Fair| $10 dollar Corn Dogs

So, Me and the little pumpkin went to Arizona State Fair this last Sunday.

It was free, hard to pass up free....We parked in the $5 dollar lot...They had a free shuttle from the Capitol Building in Downtown....but after seeing all the lines waiting for the bus, made the decision to pay for parking instead....parking was from 5-20 dollars and we parked in the $5 dollar lot....that was just a short distance away....and walked there...less than a block and the lot was secure.

The Little Pumpkin kept talking about how the fair seemed so much cooler when we were young and how it is not as cool as other fairs she has been to, I told her I did not really go to the fairs in our area except for the one at St. Lucy's and that this fair was Huge compared to the ones at St. Lucy's Church.
I know that the food had to of been less expensive then....because we paid $5 dollars for a Lemonade and $10 dollars for a corn dog...but the corn dog was huge...I mean Huge and we got in for free so we were not complaining.
As we entered the fair...we were greeted by two huge elephants that were giving people rides around their pen.....was like $5 to ride them...I was hoping that the elephants were a sign of good things to of the things I miss about Los Angeles is going to the LA Zoo and thought it would be fun to pet and see some animals.

But the animals were nowhere to be found.....I would of settled for some chivos or chickens at that point....

Overall the Arizona State Fair was alot of fun. $5 dollars for parking, $5 dollars for a Lemonade and $10 dollars for a huge corn dog...that could of fed a family of five, not a bad day for $20 dollars.

There are also exhibits, and displays...but none were too impressive except for one of them....where people displayed their stamp collections...matchbook collection...toy collection....all I kept thinking is I should display all my stuff here.....

Then there were vendors...selling stuff.....the fair (To me) was like a huge swapmeet with carnival rides and an exhibits...while not overly impressive still lots of fun.

We did find more animals on the way was called the Banana race...they have a track where monkeys chase a banana...I felt bad for the did not take a look.
Evilchavo Out.

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