Friday, October 17, 2008

Lance Mountain| Real Role Models

I was thinking about Lance Mountain.

I was a Sk8er....I skated mostly street.

Lance Mountain lived in Alhambra behind Cal State La.

I did not personally know him, but I knew of him.

When I was a kid in City Terrace, my friends and I would have skate demos in our elementary school....Just and excuse for us kids to get our skate on...and hopefully bring in some people that skated that we did not know about already.

We would get our flyers together and passed them out at school hopeing that we could get some new faces in our neighborhood or maybe even some girls.

Anyways I was thinking about Lance Mountain because when I was young....and we had skate demos.....he actually came to one....that we had in El Sereno...this was in the late 80's when Lance Mountain was in The Bones Brigade and a superstar in everyskaters mind.

He skated for a little while....he gave out stickers....a used board ...some new wheels ....some autographs and left.

No one ever came to our side of the woods...for anything....unless they were looking for a vote or it has remained a very special event in my life.

I found this video on google...that shows the way that he is....

I must give respect...when it is earned.

sk8 or die

He is still skating.....Here is with Grosso and Cab

Evilchavo Out

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