Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My first ditching party| Cheetos and Colt 45 do not mix well.

When I was in at Belvedere Junior High School.

I was a really nerdy kid....I thought I would be a biologist when I grew up.

I was really good at math and science and felt that I would have no problem being a biologist....It was years and years of elementary that made me feel that I could be anything that I put my mind to.

I did not realize that reality is a whole different thing....I knew as I was on my way out of Junior High on my way To High School (Woodrow Wilson High School) that my dreams would not become a reality.

I knew that it would cost money and that my Mom would never be able to afford to pay for my education once I entered I made the decision...No College...

No one in my family went past 1st or 2nd grade in Mexico, I knew that they stopped going to school because there was no money...and they had to work.

I had really good grades going into High School regardless of all the tardies and days that I missed in Junior High...I did not even go for the last quarter in Junior High school.

I entered Woodrow Wilson with really good grades...I , up to the 8th grade had never missed a day of school except for when I had an eye operation.

I met my friend Greg in Science class, I would help him whenever he had problems with our experiments or with the calculations needed for an exam.

I was trying to be good and stay in school, but one day my friend Greg asked me if I wanted to go to a ditching party....I said yes....we walked somewhere to El Sereno and picked up his friend Frank....We went to a liquor store and bought some colt 45's 40's cause they were on sale(it was so easy, my friends already knew where to go) and I bought a bag of cheetos.

We entered the ditching party and there was a punk band playing (in the middle of the day!)...I was nervous I had never been around this type of crowd before...I was a skater and that is who I hung out I made a decision to down 2 36 oncers in a row after I ate a whole bag of friend and I did some shooters and I was having a great time....the band was playing.....people were forming a small pit in someones back yard.

Then all I remember is that the world started turning...I was in the pit....when all of a sudden people started looking at me funny....they kept asking me if I was sick and I told them I was fine...then all of a in one of those movies.......I started projectile vomiting (I have not done that since that day) everyone got hit with Cheetos and Colt 45 and whatever else I drank before I went into that pit....

Everyone was looking at me.....My two friends picked me up and took me home....I don't remember how I made it home....I blanked out...I just remember holding onto my friends shoulders and they just kept telling me to keep walking...and I did....and we walked and walked and walked and I don't remember how I got home....last thing I remember is getting my docs off and going to sleep in my bed...I woke up the next day and my mom did not even notice that I came home drunk....

It was a very odd day....

After that I made a decision to keep ditching...was way too much fun...but no more cheetos and no more colt 45s or at least not combined...and not all at once....and never to let myself be in a situation I could not control. (Was lucky my friends were there to take me home that day)

Evilchavo Out.

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