Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy Halloween (sorry, I know I am a little early)

I Love Halloween.

In my youth there was something that I always looked forward to.

Halloween, It is magic.

Everyone dresses in costume and has fun.

In City Terrace, we would all gang up and go with our moms to the rich or perceived rich neighborhoods and trick or treat in hopes of getting big ticket Snickers....M and M's or money.

Sometimes we would luck out and get Mcdonalds gift fries.

Everyone had a costume, and if they did not ....we would make one up....I was Dracula most of the time......but would change it up sometimes....I was a hobo once....I was Frankenstein....A pirate.....

We would always walk to Monterey park....and see what we could get there.

There were all these rich people that seemed to have alot of money because they always gave us so much.

It's funny how when you are young you see things so much differently that when you are older.

I wonder what they thought we they saw like 5 moms and 10-15 kids walking towards their house....I wonder if they freaked out and wondered if they had enough candy for all of us.

I carry the tradition and now in my older years have learned to prepare for lots of kids , just in case...I have learned that it is so much better to give than to receive.

And now I understand how good those people must of felt when giving all us kids all that candy.

The weather changes and it gets darker earlier, Here in Arizona the weather does not change much (but I can feel it in my bones) Halloween is coming.....woo hoo!

In the bay did not come trick or treating and that was kind of sad for me...I thought.....too bad all this candy and no one to give it to....

We have had some good showings since we moved to Arizona.....Last year we ran out of candy and had to run to the store to get some more....

This year, we will have that we know what kinda traffic we are going to get.....

Happy Halloween! Happy Halloween! Happy Halloween!

Evilchavo Out

Have any good Halloween Stories?Giving out Candy or Other? Post if you got them.


Mz Liz said...

I was "googling" costumes out here in City Terrace and your blog came up!.. Soooo funny!
Living here in City Terrace I had to read your blog =)

I relate to every word in this. I too went trick-or-treating since the 80's and now my go out with my own 4 and 6 year olds!

I too LOooooove Halloween... even though I dress up all year long (Long story on this by the way)... I still enjoy dressing up as a Super Hero or Human Hero (Cop/Nurse/Fire fighter/Doctor etc.)

Last year "recorriendo" City Terrace Drive and the areas around it in my Bat Woman suit and my son as Batman, my daughter as a Princess ofcourse - I had children just stop in their tracks and stare at me. Had a few wrap themselves around my leather boot cladded legs and cried as their imbarresed parents pried them off me!
I always over buy on the candy given at my house and I donate the left overs to the local church for their pinatas for the 'posadas' LOL!

The tradition continues... and hope to pass on the Halloween spirit to all those around me!

Enjoy yourself!!!!

Evil Chavo said...

Thank you for posting :)

I enjoyed reading your post, Dressing up all year long sounds like fun.

I miss City Terrace, had some really good friends there and had alot of fun.

It is so cool that you still dress up for Halloween....Make the experience even better for the little ones.

I am sure they will carry on the tradition.

Local Church = Saint Lucys or is there another church in City Terrace now?

That was my mom's favorite church.

Once again Thank you for posting and have a great Halloween.

Happy Halloween! Happy Halloween!! Happy Halloween!!!

Evilchavo Out.