Saturday, October 4, 2008

My first unofficial Girlfriend

I was really young.

I had just lost all the weight(See my post on this)

And I met this girl by the name of Marie.

She actually approached me.

I was shocked.

I was not very good with girls at that time and was real shy about the whole situation.

I think I went to the movies with her....we held hands.

I just remember having sweaty hands.

I was broke and she paid for everything.

We walked home...from The Commerce Movie theatre.

I wish I remembered the movie but I was way to out of it due to my shyness that I really don't have any idea what movie it was.

We walked home and I wanted to go to the At and T building on the hills by frogland.

The hills by the AT and T building are just drainage away from the AT and T building,I wanted to go climbing so we did.

So we climbed and she was tripping out on me and I was so scared to make a move that I did a whole load of childish things to try and get her attention.

She finally gave up on me and went home.

I think that she was expecting me to be the guy that I looked like then...not a kid trapped in a teenagers body.

I sneaked out of the house to go on this date and did not tell my mom that I was going to be gone.

So I was scared to go back home.

I walked around the at and t building for hours until I could muster up enough courage to go back home.

I went back home and my mom was awake, she asked me where I was and I told her I went out with a girl.

She said that she knew it...and did not say anything else about it.

I think she was happy that I was a normal kid, My mom started giving me money to buy clothes on my own after that.....

Dickies, Vans and skate shirts. (My uniform at that time)

I never talked to Marie again, she ignored me after that.

I had my first official girlfriend shortly after that I did not make the same mistakes I made with Marie again.

My shyness was not all the way gone , just not around when it came to dating.

Evilchavo Out.

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