Friday, September 19, 2008

Pico Rivera Sports Arena

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The Pico Rivera Sports Arena.

There are certain things that I miss about California.

One of them is The Pico Rivera Sports Arena.

I have been going to the sports arena since I was a kid.

(The picture I use on my profile was taken at the sports arena)

(I am the little kid thats packing heat.)

I have seen so many performers there.

When I was a kid I just went because that is what we did.

Vicente Fernandez was in town.....go to the sports arena.

Antonio Aguilar was in town....go to the sports arena.

Los Tigres del Norte were in town...go to the sports arena.

since I was a little kid....go see the performers and the charreada.

Go have some churritos and soda.....

I have seen so many performers so many times.

I knew exactly what they were going to do and when they did it and I still liked the show.

As I got older and into punk music and skating and other alternative music.

I still went to the sports arena.

I was the only skater kid rockin a piteado and mustache and sideburns (ala chente) with my Vans and dickies when I was teenager.

I followed Chente, Antonio Aguilar (his son Pepe) Los Tigres,Banda Recodo,Joan Sebastian, Pedro Fernandez (from when he was a kid like me) Lorenzo de Monteclaro, Gerardo Reyes,El Piporro,Ezequiel Pena,Cadetes de Linares, Huracanes del Norte....etc...etc.....

Yeah I went to see alot of bands as a teenager that were at different places...Janes Addiction....Nine Inch Nails...Primus....Porno for Pyros...Social Distortion....Metallica....etc...etc.....but none meant as much as me sitting with my family signing our Saturday morning cleaning music with the original recorders.

Pride for my roots brings me to writting this , with the realization that it made me closer to my family , Because no matter how tight we were and if we did or did not have problems we always got the feds together to go to the show and watch our favorite singers sing.

Some of my favorite Pico Rivera performers on the you tube videos below.

Evilchavo Out (Pero sigo siendo el Reeeey!)

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