Sunday, September 28, 2008

Running Away from home part 2

On day 3 My girlfriend went back home with her parents....I was happy to see her go back home......the streets are cold and not safe.

That night I slept at the railroad tracks by my mom's work..but I did not sleep at all that the middle of the night...I heard crazy sounds (Like some being gutted) and in the middle of the night I was not about to go investigating by myself.

I Slowly picked up my Huge suitcase and walked away very slowly (without a sound) I made my way to Wilson High School and slept in the drainage area behind the visitor seats behind the football field.

On day 4 I went to a friends house in El Sereno and asked my So-called friend if I could stay there.

He said yes...I was so tired...that I went in his garage...where the band was practicing and passed out.....that evening he came in mom says that you have to take your stuff and can't stay here.

I remember my mom telling a story on how no one will help you when you really need it and how friends aren't really friends and how no one will be there in time or real need.

My mom always says " Amigos....en la carcel....en el hospital o en la muerte is donde se encuentran" Translation....Friends the hospital or in death is where you will find them.....

but I made some phone calls...and found that I was all one could back me up....

I talked to my friend Greg and asked him if he could hold my suitcase.....I wanted to know if I needed a place to stay and I told him I was fine.

I slept at the Pasadena City Hall that night...on the floor.....then the next night I slept at some church in pasadena ...

That is where my girlfriend I would just stay there so that I could visit her when her parents let me.(when she got back home she got grounded and was not alowed to talk to me) She would sneak out to see me whenever possible.

I was getting colder and colder...and no matter how I layered I was freezing at night...I would go to the Am/Pm and get some burgers whenever I had money and when I did not ...I would get crackers and mayo and packets of ketchup from there and eat (sometimes I would sneak into my moms house and get food or sleep)

It never occured to me that I should go with my dad....who lived down the street from me...I was not welcome and had not seem my dad for some time...he would say come back tomorrow...I would go back the next day and he would be gone for a did not have that option.

I kept going to Wilson High and would meet up with my friends....would go to ditching parties and eat or sleep there and stay up all night and sleep where ever safe.

I even slept at Calvary Cemetery for about 2 1/2 the stairs at the chapel to the east towards Eastern ave.

Then my friend confronted me when I went to his house in El Sereno to get clothes from my suitcase.....He said your staying can't be sleeping out in the streets....We wont let you.
He and his mom were all alone, but they had room for me....I would get up early and clean the the laundry......all before they got up....

They would feed me and ask me not to do anything....

We would walk home from school and clean the house, we would cook his mom diner and we would have a family meal.

It was getting much better.

to be continued.........

Evilchavo out.

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