Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Graduation from Robert F. Kennedy Elementary School

I went to Robert F. Kennedy Elementary School off of Hazard in City Terrace.

I managed to salvage alot of old pictures from a storage unit that the rest of my family abandoned and took whatever pictures I could before the storage unit expired and everything got thrown away...no feds ....no storage....just how life goes sometimes.

I was looking at my old pics and found my Graduation from Elementary school pics.

(Here I am getting up to receive my diploma)

(Here I am picking up my diploma note: rockin the pumas & cords)
(Me and my only friend Eddie)

(that's me:) Figured out what the dark spots are?

Roaches,Roaches,Roaches....sux but no feds no money for for big buck cameras in those days.

Just how life goes sometimes.
Evilchavo Out.


Ricky said...

No fucking way! Thats me in the center of teh pic.

Ricky said...

hahaha I remember Eddie....In that 1st pic, Javi is sitting right next to me..I just recently got in touch with Javi.. He had a skying accident and broke his neck... Hes paralized now. Sucks man.

RickyCharms said...

Your blog has gave me some motivation.