Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The adventures of Super Chicken Part 4

One of the many time that Super Chicken went awol from the institution.

He came home to see ....with the familiar "EvilChavooooooooo! EvilChavvvvvooooooooo!!"

I came out ready to sk8 but this was not the case this time.

My Friend Super Chicken had a girl with him.

He was dressed in nice gear for us which was our going to a gig wear.

Black dickies, black hi top vans and a skate shirt with a dickies jacket.

I knew this was serious because he had his arms wrapped around her like she was going to disappear if he let her go.

He introduced me to the Most blond girl I had ever seen.

He said they met in the institution and went awol together.

He said this is my Girlfriend "Megan"

To which she replied "That's not my name"

He said "Yes it is" , "Who is Megan I said"

The girl from the exorcist (A movie a have not ever seen to this day, It scared the crap out of me, when I heard about this movie when I was a kid ...I was forbidden from seeing it)

And have not seen it, not sure why but just have not.

Anyways , My friend Super Chicken was coming around less often I was already in High school and had a few friends I went to gigs and stuff with.

My friend took off that day, went home and did not come back.Not sure what happened.

(I think he went to his parents and they took him back to the institution.)

I was there with this guerra girl thinking "What do I have in common with this girl" she comes from a totally different place....we talked a little...I remember she was really into heavy metal and I was not at the time so that was the end of the music converstation.

My friend did not call and after about 6 hours it was time to get ready for the I put my gear on and asked if she wanted to come with us and she did.

She wanted to come with us (We did not go looking for my friend because I had no idea of where his parents lived now, they had moved away a long time ago when my friend jumped off the bridge( see previous Super Chicken posts for more info)

We went to a gig a my friends home in El Sereno and she was having a lot of fun.

Around 3 am she said she wanted to leave and I told her she could not come back to my house because my mom would freak out....she stood at my friends house and the next day all the people that stood over at my friends that night went to the beach.

I saw her that evening and she looked just like a lobster , I asked what happened and she said that she fell asleep face up at the beach....and no one woke her up.

I asked my friend what happened and they said that she fell asleep as soon as they got there and no one could wake her up.

That day my friend Super Chicken came back to get her and was so mad that he wanted to beat me up .....he said that I did that to her on purpose and all I said is she fell asleep in the sun.

He took her and I did not see him again until he went awol a few months later.

Evilchavo Out

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