Saturday, September 6, 2008

My stepdads story , story by me, illustrations by loteria Mexicana| Warriors 2

As I have mentioned before my stepdads family was/is nuts.
They loved aggression and would not hesitate to react when there was a fight brewing.

My uncles were trained from when they were young to fight .
All except for my stepdad were trained in martial arts and that is a very effective tool for ending a fight when confronted by #'s higher that your own.

But my Stepdad was very , very quiet and because of it I always wondered why he was so respected by all his younger brothers.

I asked one of my uncles once and he said that they had seen him do crazy things when they were younger and learned at a very early age not to mess with him.

He told me a story about how once in DF someone said something to one of his sisters and my stepdad got out and beat the living daylights out of the guys that said things (all by himself)

He also told me that because my stepdad was the oldest, he was already a teenager when they moved to Mexico City and he was totally ranch.

and totally uncool compared to all the City kids and that because of this he used to get beat up at first , until he started fighting back and defending all his brothers and sisters.

My younger brother idolized him

and he had good reason for stepdad was the perfect employee ..was married to my mom for a long time , came right after work and spent all of his free time with us, he showed us what it was like to do the right thing.

He was employee of the year for 9 years, but did not get to his tenth year.

I imagine he had some demons in him that would not let him be, I feel there is something that he does not want to talk about, something that affects the core of who he is or who he feels that he is suppose to be.
It must be hard to carry the world on your shoulders.

I know that he is out there somewhere struggling and hope he snaps out of it, there is only so much support you can give someone before you have to let them go for your/their own good.

I hope he is well wherever he is and changes before its to late.

What's your favorite Loteria card?(this is mine)
Go get your frijoles?
Lineas, x ,cuadrito or ezquinas o carta llena?
EvilChavo Out.

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