Saturday, September 27, 2008

Running away from home

I was a teenager when I ran away from home.

My mom kept harrasing me about who I was and who I hung out with.

My mom thought I was the devil.

She did not understand me and one day I came home with a girl.

I met this girl at Wilson High School.

She was goth and was having problems at home.

She was told that if she could not get home by 7pm that she could not come back home.

That day, we were hanging out and she missed her bus to Pasadena.

She could not go home, I took her with me and talked to my mom.

I said mom I am sorry but she needs to stay here tonight....

We lived in a 1 bedroom apartment....the 4 of us.

Me , My brother Mom and Stepdad.

I told my mom....I will sleep on the can sleep with her and my dad can sleep with my brother....

I told my mom....It is the right thing to to....I told her I made her late for the bus and that there was no way that they would let her in at home. (looking at this at my age, I have come to realize that ....they probably would of just let her back home)

But anyways with out teenager eyes ....there was no way that they would let her in...they told her....not home by 7....not home til the next day.

My mom said "No,NO! NO!!"

I can't have that girl here!!!.....she is not welcome!!!....we can't have her here!!!!

I did not understand her stepdad...just took her side...

I could not understand how she expected me to just leave her alone out in the streets.

That night, we slept at a friends house....the house was being remodeled and our friend snuck us in, but we had to promise to be quiet and not make any noise.

That night we slept was so lonely....I was angry and frustrated.

Next day, we snuck into my house..I packed all my belongings...into a huge suitcase and left home.

I left my mom a note (In spanish) telling her that I was going to run away and that I would never come back and how I could not belive that she did not trust me.

Next night we slept out in the hills of City City Terrace Park....Where the police towers are.....It was so cold.

I just remember her being cold and thinking about how I could not believe that my mom did this to her and how she could not put her beliefs aside and help this girl.

We always helped people, there were times that my stepdad would come in with a friend from Mexico and he would stay with us for months....Months!!

Anyways, on day 3 ...the girl said she was going to go back home...I was left all alone....with my huge suitcase.....she said that she talked to her parents and they asked her to come home.

I would continue this adventure alone....

To be continued.........

Evilchavo Out.

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