Monday, September 15, 2008

Stealing from the liquor store or being taught a valuable lesson

( I will post my Social Distortion paper later in the day, but I was just thinking about my favorite candy.....Now and Laters)

I was at Robert F. Kennedy elementary school when I made the decision to steal.

I was in between dads at the time ,so super broke.

My mom was busy working hard to get us fed and clothed.

I was not about to ask her for money for candy....

To be more specific: Now and Laters.....Cherry Flavor

I went down to the liquor store to the east of St. Lucys church (Did you know that there used to be a movie theatre where the church is before?)

The Liquor store was the kind where you walk in the door and directly to the left is a counter where they have a case full of candy by the register, the counter ran all along the west wall.

There they were, rows and rows of different flavored now and laters...mixed in with other assorted candies.

I...very, very quietly .....reached for the candy......I did not see it coming....the man behind the counter yelled at the top of his lungs that I was "Stealing!", "Stealing!!"" I will call the police"

I was so scarred that I nearly pissed myself.....He held my arm...and said "I was a thief"

I kept saying " I am sorry" "Please don't call the police" " I will never do it again"

He just looked at his wife and asked her if she was calling and she said "No"

She said that " she knew my dad and that she would talk to him"

I Never stole again, (until the library, just 1 more time,tomorrows post)

I an grateful that it happened, I know now that I probably would of never seen the cops.

They never came to City Terrace.

I know now that they could of just ignored the situation, I was only 15 cents for the now and laters.

But they did not and they taught me a valuable lesson that I will never forget.

Everytime in my teenage years that I thought of stealing....I remember that man...calling me a thief at the top if his lungs.

The liquor store is no longer looks like (Per google Street view) it has been replaced by a used appliances store ...

Evilchavo Out

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