Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My 1964 Lincoln Continental

My Lincoln Continental is called Rosie.

Not sure why.

Just is a good name.

She is a white 1964 Lincoln Continental with a 430 v8 engine with a 4 barrel carb. and a turbo automatic transmission. She has red leather seats and is all upholstered in red leather with chrome accents.

Rosie has power steering, power brakes, power 6 way front bench seat, power windows (even the vent windows are powered) power antenna . she runs like a dream.

When Rosie first came into my life she ran, but on my second drive after bringing her home (Overheated) got a whole new radiator, ran her again and would not start....rebuilt the carb....

Would not start after a few months ...due to ignition so I put a pertronics electronic ignition in her (Got rid of the points)

Moved to the bay area and you would not believe how much stuff you can cram into a car this big.

Transmission was having problems so it was rebuilt.....brakes messed the whole set up was drums (Huge drums) lines and master cylinder were replaced....power steering blew out and had a new rebuilt power steering pump installed.

Ran like a dream but once I started daily driving the suspension started to give way, so got new shocks all around's like driving on a cloud.

Drove it from the Bay area to roadtrip ever.

She has been good to me.

This is the backstory on my Rosie .

It all started with " El guero Yonkero" My stepdads friend.....He was the local " I can get anything for any price guy"

He would come around

Whatever he could get his hands on, When I was a teenager...he came to pick up my dad in a 77 Lincoln Continental......White.....with red Leather......

It was beautiful.

I asked him how much he wanted for it and he said " I could never afford that kind of car"

This guy that was a nobody....was talking down to me....telling me that I could never afford this car.......

He did not know what I had in me...or what I could do.....How dare he tell me that.....I was a teenager and full of anger...I had just lost tons of weight (see previous posts) got my first job and felt that no one could defeat me.

It took me a while, but I got her....actually a much better version of her.....not long after he told me that.....

When I was in the process of restoring her.....he was at one of the shops that I took her to get the radiator rebuilt at....and he asked me how much I wanted for her....

I told him " You can't afford this car"

He looked at me, laughed like he was thinking....can't believe you remember that....and walked away.

I have learned to never talk down to people cause you never know where you will see them again and how they will remember you.

Evilchavo Out.

Side Note on Parts for 1964 Lincoln Continental:

I found parts online for many of the repairs that I made.

Living in East Los Angeles had its benefits.

I could just go the the radiator shop....and they would rebuild the radiator or get me a new one from the back.....most of the times stock parts.

I got the complete original exhaust in el monte....

But since I moved away from East Los Angeles....most of my parts come from :

Lincoln Parts International in Perris California....they always delivered when they said they would and always stood by their products....They had a website that I would order from but it is no longer available.....

Lincoln Parts International 707 East 4th Street, Building G Perris, CA 925701


I have not used Bakers....their info:
Bakers Auto - target="_blank"> 196 Providence Pike (Route 44 East)Putnam, CT 06260
(seems like they have good stuff)

There is also Lincoln Land
Parts/Service: 727-446-2193 Fax: 727-447-6179

(Never used them either)

But if their is one thing I have learned from this Lincoln is that you can't be picky with who you get your parts because they are hard to find and most of the time expensive.

And if you are looking for rims or a system....sorry can't help you Rosie is need 4 extras......all the system I need is the sound of the 430 V8 with the dual exhaust and 4 barrel carb.......

Hope it helps....EvilChavo Out...Again.

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