Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Why EvilChavo?

Today I wanted to explain the reason behind why I chose to call myself Evilchavo in this blog.

When I was a teenager I had really long hair in the front only(All the way down to my chest) and it was completely shaved or almost bald all around, was dyed Jet black and I had a few piercings (back when, nose piercing became popular) I always wore black Dickies and docs or vans and whatever skate shirt I had lying around.

I pierced my own nose.....both nostrils( With a safety pin) and my mom coming from a strict Catholic background did not approve or understand me or what I was doing.

She thought I was the devil, she did not understand why I talked like a surfer(will blog about this later) and did not talk spanish the way she thought me.

I have always been called Chavo since I was a baby.

My mom always (to this day) calls me Chavo.....she really thought I was the devil (she did not understand that I was only trying to understand my own identity) being first generation and all , I was trying to figure out who I was.

I had to go to Church (St. Lucys) with my mom and there was a small period of time when I needed to walk her to work on my way to school after we went to church in the morning(she would make me swear in front of the cross that I would be good for the day and would not ditch from school) but I would still ditch.

One day , My Friend that was no longer in school that was well aware of my daily routine....

(going to church, swearing on the cross, walking my mom to school, going right instead of left to school )

....Was waiting for me at the railroad tracks laughing and could not stop...I asked him why he was cracking up and he said that I was Evil...EvilChavo and that I was going to go to hell.

He said I needed to be a good Chavo and needed to stop my which time he proceeded to try and take the devil out of me by spraying what was left of his Pepsi all over me (as if it was holy water) and trying to drag me back to my mom so that he could tell her that I was ditching again.

After a few minutes of trying to make me go back to my mom , we decided to go to Melrose instead on the bus. Took the 70 or 71 to downtown from there the line up to Melrose (fun day).

That is the Reason for EvilChavo.

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