Monday, August 25, 2008

Car Trouble....Again...

Well, it was bound to happen again.

I seems I have lived up to my expectations as a human being once Again.

I have always had bad luck at one point in time I had so much bad luck they called me "Jinx"

We received a Daewoo Lanos from the Inlaws for free. (That rocked)

Having one vehicle and two different people driving to two totally different places meant we had to get another car and the opportunity presented itself in the form of someone needed a new car and us conveniently needed an old car.

I washed the new car (as is my custom) mostly to see what condition the car is in and what I need to repair or replace to keep the unit on the road.

Drove it for about a month and then it died, ....changed the plugs, plug wires, put in a new battery and checked all the electrical connections and nothing....just tries to engage and does not start.

It is a Daewoo Lanos (Not the coolest) but you would be amazed at how roomy this little green giant is. But now it is not running and I have used all my tricks and still no start.

What to do? Will see if I can get a mechanic out here to work on it.

Some of the cars that I have had have died out of neglect (bad evilchavo) other's well.....did I mention that I am Jinxed.

Here is a list of the cars that I have had and their cause of death....RIP

1) Motobecane (a scooter bike) magneto died after just a few days (paid $50 for it in Tijuana) had no papers

2) Ford Granada (got towed the day after I got it, bad tags)No paperwork

3) Audi 5000 (died on the side of the road due to broken axle),No money to fix.

4) Cadillac Deville (Stepdad sold it to his friend and never gave me the money for it) died on the way to the airport , they picked it up and never returned it.

5) Chevy Celebrity (Got Repoed, Stepdad did not tell me the payments were not being made) No money to get it back.

6) another Audi 5000 (same exact color) On our way to a wedding in Fresno, the wheel bearing deteriorated and the wheel fell off ( We hit the median , made out of oleanders and flipped over a few times) needless to say it was totalled (won't buy one of those again)

7) Dodge Plymouth Arrow (ran for many, many miles and was a very good truck) did not really die as much as we sold it for cheap to someone that needed it...many repairs were needed.

8) 1971 Cutlass Supreme (dad...not stepdad...borrowed it, the distributor was not working properly my dad was pushing it and got run over by a semitruck....but he made it...He was in the hospital for almost a year.)

9) 1999 Mercury Cougar (Right had passenger side melted) due to apartment next to us did not turn off their bbq , it caught their patio on fire and the heat from the fire melted the right hand passenger side.

10) 1964 Lincoln Continental , (Just sits there) needs power steering pump,carb rebuild,new ignition....willl work on it when I can devote to it the love it requires.

11) 2000 Polaris Victory v92c (Sold it)after many miles and riding and 2 burnt fuel pumps( bad evilchavo)

12) 1977(8) Vespa P200E ( Needs to be restored) is sitting at my moms apartment.

13) 2000 Daewoo Lanos (Not Starting)Should be able to get it fixed....won't let this one go.

Well cross your toes, hopefully will get this one running soon.....Love car shopping but not sure what kind of car to get if this one does not work out.

Might just get the Lincoln Running, :)

Sux mechanics not answering the phone....told you I am jinxed

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