Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Baseball in Arizona vs Los Angeles

I was going to write about my Vespa but will save that one for tomorrow or a later date.

I have written mostly about the past so far, and wanted to change the pace by writting about the present.
(Sorry about the pics were taken with my cell)
I went to a company function yesterday , My first baseball game here in Arizona @ Chase Field in Phoenix (Been here more that 4 years and never made it to one of the games ) The Arizona Diamonbacks played against the San Diego Padres.

The tickets were Free , and we had a party suite.....Never seen the game like that before.

When I was younger I went to the Dodger games as often as possible as soon as I started driving and for a few years my friends+ my brother would go to everygame.

These were fun times, a sea of blue and noise that would drown out all the problems that we had at home and in school.....all that existed was the enviroment that we were in.

We always bought whatever tickets were cheapest and covered whoever did not have enough for their ticket....we would load up on Dodgerdogs and sodas and watch the game in peace....joking around with each other all game...not really caring about the game in general just being happy when the Dodgers won and upset when they did not win.

Totally different vibe here in Arizona....the Stadium was half full....people only cheared when something happened. Even though we had a box with a bar and food and great seat with tvs in the room (It was just not fun)
We left early to try and sit in the regular seats and there just was no action.....sad....(people talking on their cell phone not even enjoying the game)

I think I have to make it out to Los Angeles for a game (and a Dodgerdog) and some La Estrella or some King Taco or maybe some Shakeys or at a minimum go to a Diamondback against the Dodgers game here in Phoenix to see if I could get into the game with my people in attendance
(No harm in giving Chase Field a second chance)
Evilchavo out (feeling nostalgic)

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