Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Adventures of Super Chicken part 2

SuperChicken never let me do any drugs and rarely let me ditch school, he always stood up for me and never let anyone talk down to me or hurt me.

SuperChicken had a rough childhood , he sniffed spraypaint and never told me to participate.

SuperChicken would come to me when he was stressed out and I would always calm him down...

(He would never talk about what happened at home)

But I knew he never wanted to be there and when I was not around is when he would go see his old friends and sniff spraypaint.

One day I was in Mexico with my parents when he came around (Crying according to the neighbors) and that same day he tried to jump off a bridge.

I saw him when he went AWAL from the Institution they put him in after he healed from the fall.

He was gone, they had him so drugged up that he only seemed like half of the guy he used to be.

I saw him a few times after that and the last time (He just kept talking to himself) when I asked him who he was talking to he said that they didn't think I would understand.

On his last visit I gave him my Sk8board (He did not have one and I knew that was one of the only things that he still enjoyed doing and kept him away from trouble)

He got on the board skated away and he looked just like in the old days (Badass) .

It was towards the end of my days in City Terrace, I have no seen SuperChicken since.

I have asked old friends about him and the ones that are left don't even remember him.

Everyone else has moved away as have I , I hope he is good wherever he is, I hope he is sk8ing.

Evilchavo Sk8 or die


Anonymous said...

wow, i haven't thought of chicken in ages. he was a homeboy of mine, too, along with tony cottonhead, narco and the other younger skatepunks on that side of the terrace. good guys, all of 'em. have heard a lotta weird stories over the years about them kids and the directions their lives have gone since we all hung out in the 80s, raising hell and playing punk rock. ah, well..... much thanks for the memory.....

on that note, you might find this interesting:

-jimmy tumors

Evil Chavo said...

Thanks for posting.

I hung out with them all.

All the guys on the Hill by the Stairs and the surrounding hills.

I guess that is why we all became Sk8ers because skating downhill was much more fun that walking down hill.

Thanks for the link....I felt like I was back home...I would throw gigs in my back yard (It had a big red star where the bands would set up) and I would buy the keg and just charge for the entry.

Pennies or whatever they had(I was not picky) I bought my Vespa with money from Gigs at my house in City Terrace.

Evilchavo Out.

Anonymous said...

crazy. my bands butt acne/plain agony, or my brother's band fishhead probably played in your backyard at some point.

sagain, thanks for the memory.

Evil Chavo said...

Thanks for posting.

I think Fishhead played at my house and not sure about Plain Agony I know Union 13 played there a few times also and can't recall the names of the other bands that played , at my birthday and Halloween gigs mostly.

Fun Times, Ditching parties at my house were fun bands but plenty of 40's and fun times.

Like the time a girl kept telling me she was in Love with me in front of her boyfriend who was mad at me because I did not make her stop drinking Tequila before he got there.

She kept trying to kiss me and kept yelling to everyone that would listen that she was in love with me while her boyfriend dragged her out of my house after trying to sober her up .

Evilchavo Out.