Monday, August 11, 2008

An Introduction.....

I am EvilChavo,

Regado Y Creado en East Los Angeles California 90063.

Born in General Hospital, Went to Kennedy Elementary, Belvedere and Wilson High School....

I am a Chicano , my Parents are from Mexico (Villa Corona and Totatiche)

I now live in AlmostLaveen Arizona aka: East East Los Angeles

I miss King Taco, La Estrella, The Hat and Avalos( closed now)

I will never use the word I as much as I am using it now.

What to expect from this blog:

Random Stuff, Movie Stuff , Car Stuff,where to eat stuff , The past, Present and future......

1 comment:

Eddy said...

You post a picture with you on a tricycle. Behind you is some grafiti. I can recognize the CT in red. But I can not decipher the CHU...Can you tell me who's name that was? I am thinking about a person I know that may fit a name that starts with CHU. I do not want to guess. If you remember this early child hood memory. I would like to know as I make my own chronicle of gang history. You can tell me exactly where this wall behind you is. I can go and find/figure this out myself. Give me a call if you wont disclose this information over the internet. No problem.
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Drug and Gang Counselor