Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Railroad tracks on the way to school

As I mentioned before ,I was a big fan of ditching.

There were these railroad tracks on my way to Wilson High that were really hard to cross for me for some reason.

I hated school, fun was more interesting for me at the time( But I wasn't always like that)

When I was younger I was a super nerdy kid, all the way until Junior High (Belvedere) I was in the chess club, the Algebra Club and wanted to be a Bio Chemist( In fact one of the only classes that I would attend in High School was Chemistry or anything to do with science and math)

My Grades from Junior High let me coast until the 11th grade.

Mom had to go to the school to talk to my teachers (She did not talk English!) and I imagine that this must of been really hard for her (I was a mean kid) she likes to tell this story :

When I went to school looking for my son, I had to go to all his classes to have them sign the attendance card and he was not there.

I went to his history class and his teacher said that he had no problems with me and my attendance (My mom was very happy, but I was nowhere to be found)

He pointed down at the bleachers and said that her son is always on time (He's right there)

Everyday he goes under those bleachers at the exact time(Right before my class starts) and when the bell rings...he hops the fence and leaves.

I liked to ditch, It was always an adventure(Had lots of adventures and met alot of really cool people)....I hated school.

Evilchavo out.

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