Friday, August 29, 2008

The adventures of super chicken part 3

My friend Superchicken jumped off a bridge.

He survived (He was not defeated)

His parents did not want to tell me where he was.

He went AWOL from the Institution that he was in.

He stopped taking his meds.

He came to pick me up one of the many times he went AWOL and we went skating.

He told me that I needed to get him a skateboard.

The kids down the street where skating.

My friend asked(More like told) the kid if he could borrow his skateboard.

and off we went.

Took the 70 to the General Hospital .

He said that he found the perfect spot for skating.

We went up to where they had the Institution and down to the service entrance of the hospital.

We skated the Hospital, the is a short incline and then its all down corridors (you go thru the hospital from one side to the other) Fast....

All I remember is being scared of hitting someone, people were being taken back and forth on gurneys and doctors and nurses were yelling at us, security guards chasing us......but we did not get caught.....we were way to was one of the best experiences ever.

We went back to my house...he gave me the skateboard and told me to take it back to the kid.

When we got off the bus.....He crossed the street.

I asked him where he was going and he said that he had to go back to the institution...he took the 70 back to general hospital.

He told me he needed to make sure he got me back home safe .

sk8 or die Evilchavo out.

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