Thursday, August 21, 2008

1977(8)spa P200E|

My Vespa p200 , was the most efficient running vehicle that I have ever owned.

The coolest next to my 1964 Lincoln Continental and the most fun to drive.

I already had experience with organizing events due my fondness for ditching and the ditching parties I would have at my home.
So the next step was easy.....have gigs....make money ....get me a scooter.
I had my first gig on my birthday and I figured no one would show, but I had my friend (who was good at drawing) make flyers( he also got the bands to play for free ), (my friend that had a real job) made the copies at his work, and I took the flyers to the Montebello mall , the record shop on whittier and to some of the local high schools.

People showed up.. ( my friends were the security) and I was the one at the door getting money.

I made about two hundred dollars that first gig, (while at the door on that first gig I told people to bring their pennies and change and stuff to trade for the entry fee for the gig next week)

They did , they brought me pennies, loose coin, beer, candy, soda and other stuff.

I threw 3 more gigs and made a good amount and figured it was time to buy a scooter....I drove one once before and thought it was the coolest thing in the world.

My friend had a 1964 vbb (if my memory serves me correctly)he bought at a scooter fair at Atomic Scooters (Not sure if they are still in the Griffith park area)

I told my friend to find out if they had any scooters they were selling at the bulleting board in the scooter shop and he did....he brought me a pink index card that said p200e in red ink.

I called the # and the guy said he still had it.

Drove to Hollywood the next day and paid my $850 for it.....I went to bank on my way over there and changed my 83 dollars I had in coin and the remainder in 1 dollar and 5 dollar bills (I think there might of been 1 ten dollar bill in the mix)

My friend drove it home and he loved it and kept talking about how much more powerfull it was than his.

Got it home told my mom I bought a scooter, and she thought it was so funny this little scooter that I bought for mom helped me clean it that day. It was red (just like the pic above) but it had grey cowls.

Tomorrow I will write about my first real ride on my Vespa.

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