Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Golden Ford Granada | My first car

My first car was a 1977 Ford Granada that I bought from my friend for $200 dollars.

I gave my friend a deposit of $25 dollars and drove us around in it all day and night.

It was most likely a stolen car. Plates were expired, no paperwork.

The first day I bought it, I drove it all over Los Angeles.

Ending the day with a trip to Hollywood for a cruise in the golded Ford Granada.

On my Way home at about 3am, I fell asleep at the wheel, about 5 houses from mine.I remember thinking that I could not belive I wrecked the car that I had just bought and that I was going to be in really big trouble due to I did not have a drivers license at the time.

I parked the car down at City Terrace park on Van Pelt and ran down to Kennedy Elementary school to hide out. Slept at the school for about 4 hours and went back home to see what damage I had caused to the car I crashed into.
I was so scared thinking that everyone was going to be outside looking for the person that wrecked the neighborhood car and to my surprise found that no one was out.

Checked over the car that I hit and found not one scratch, I must of just bumped into the car and because of how tired I was ,did not see things for what they were.

Walked down to City Terrace park and picked up my car.Went home and told my mom I bought a car and washed it all day.

I told my friends(2) that I had a car and everyone was excited, we planned a trip to the desert and were getting ready for it ...when we heard a tow truck.....towing my car away because of the plates that were expired.

Did not have any kind of documentation for the car and felt it was better it I just let it go, one the best $25 dollars I ever spent.

Have had many vehicles since, and tomorrow, I will talk about one of my favorite vehicles my Vespa P200.
Which brings me to these questions.

What was your first vehicle? any interesting stories? Name it?


Dollie56 said...

Beautiful Car to bad you let it go


evilchavo said...

That was a really nice car, but the beauty of the car was that it was more than transportation : it was a way out= Freedom.

Now for a Beautifull car....look for the story about my 1964 Lincoln Continental.

Now that is Beautiful.

Evilchavo Out.

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