Friday, August 22, 2008

The Vespa and our first ride together

I did not fully know how to ride it when I went on my first real ride with a group of scooter riders.

We drove down to Whittier and thru the hills on that first ride I did not crash on the steep hills....I was so proud of myself ....on our way home we drove down Whittier blvd on a Saturday night (When everyone is cruising) and at the intersection of Atlantic Blvd and Whittier...I had my crowning moment......

The light turned green and everyone took off...I was left behind.....I am guessing that I was pretty nervous because of the enviroment because I did not go....I kept twisting the grip for gas and nothing happened (just reviving) I was holding up the line....people started honking and laughing at me cause I could not go....I twisted the throttle....put it in gear and did the coolest wheelie ever....but I over did it and smack...fell on my side.

Never dropped my scooter again....rode a bunch of rallies with it....drove as far as San Luis Obispo down the Pacific Coast Highway once...was even in a magazine for one the rallies I went to. (I will look for that picture and post it on this thread if I can find it)

Now it sits at my moms house, rusting away...poor little Vespa...I think I will have to ressurect it now that I wrote this...poor little Vespa , rotting away, can't wait till I resurrect you , cant wait to kick over the engine and hear the sweet pitter patter of that 2 stroke engine.

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