Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Buying my brother a wind up toy for his birthday

My brother and I have alot of similarities,but are completely different.

I remember when he was born, I was so happy to have some company.

I was seven when he was born.

When he got a little bit older ...maybe 2 or 3 I bought him a wind up toy from Don Pablitos on City Terrace Drive for one of his birthdays.

I saved up for my brother...I was about 9...I had never saved up for anything.

It was made of tin and was of a kid riding a tricycle.

I went to Don Pablitos with a bag full of coin and then after we counted it all, he showed me what my options were......Just the one wind up tricycle thing.

(Like the one above it has been a while so I don't remember exactly what it looked like, just the way it looked but none of the details)

It came in a colorful box! I wrapped it in Newspaper(Which is still how I prefer to wrap things,then I just draw all over the newspaper)

Then I got a string from my mom and wrapped it around the gift and gave it to my little brother.......he tore it open and just put it aside....I did not understand why he did not play with it......

My brother has never liked toys.....never....I have been obsessed with toys ever since I can remember...I still collect toys....

He was into Nintendo and Arcade Games.....but just for like a month

Never any cartoons (Which I love) or Transformers (Rock!) or GI Joe's (were way too expensive for me) , He did like the Power Rangers (but for like a week)......

We have such different brains, but we have one connection....we both were raised in the same place and know all the same people...even though he did not hang out with all my friends he knew them and I knew his friends.....he was my witness.....he lived most of these times with me....

When we got older.....Before I started working at a Movie Theatre I had a car and we would all pack into it to go to the Dodger Games or Eat(Jack in Crack) or Just go to the Mall (Montebello) or Movies( Commerce or Monterey park Mall)

They were good times,

Now we are both far apart, being grown up is keeping us apart.

They can't leave work to come see us and we can't leave work to see them.

Time to save for my brother again, and this time for something he actually wants.

Hard to believe that My brother is getting married , but he has always been the type of person to do what he wants when he wants.....no one can keep him down when he sets his mind to it.

I like to believe that Ihad a hand in raising him to be different than me, so that he could not face the same obstacles as me....but I think he did it all.......I just witnessed it.

Happy Birthday Brother.

Evilchavo Out.

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