Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Blogs I read| Thank you to all the Bloggers| Feliz Año.

I read alot of blogs.

It all Started with Loteria Chicana...I was looking online for stuff on East Los Angeles and found Cindylu's blog....

Her Stories are very informative, I see alot of my culture in her...I mean that in the most positive way possible...I know that If I would of stayed in school I would of ended up like her and reading her post makes me feel like I can make it..

From Her blog I found Hello World...Pear Mama...

Her blog inspires me , Her and her Husband and Kids are so Artistic and I know that If I would of Followed that Path in my life I would of been just like that or I wish I would of ended up just like that....they are very resiliant and an inspiration.

Then there is Swapmeet Chronicles....Doña Junta...I like her pics and stories they always make me take a second look and make me think, she has a really good blog roll that I like.

I really don't know how I found Alice Bag's (Armendariz) blog but she is the most punk rock chicana ...I remember seeing her in Decline and Fall of the Western Civilization and thinking that that is the most punk rock person on this video...I remember wishing they would of put more of her in the video......anyways....She has an awesome.....Awesome....Official Website with lots of stories from her punk rock years and many of the people that were involved in that scene in those days.

She also has a Blog ...Dairy of a Bad House Wife where she posts about her Family Life and a new blog with stories from her youth.....Violence Girl : The Autobiography of a punk.

I like her writting cause she grew up in the same enviroment that I grew up in and I always learn about new stuff from her writting about the area that I was raised in.....we grew up in the same place....and are just seperated by about 10 years from what I can tell....she overcame our enviroment and thrived in a whole other enviroment but if I would of taken that path , who knows what I could of been.

I also read Chanfles...My Tocallos blog....his stories are good and always make me think and he always finds the money shot....that makes me wonder how he did it....I always try and take pictures of people as they are doing things and can't ever get it done the correct way...but he does......he captures life.....and then there are all the food posts...that make me miss Los Angeles even more.

I also read LA Eastside and The Eastsider La....both rock , both have awesome stories and both have great pictures...

I recently found...Under the Alexandria.....has great stories and a really good blogroll.....also DowntownLaislooking up....has a great series called Why do you sleep on the streets...where she interviews people that she encounters in Downtown La that live on the streets....

I appreciate the people that read my blog ....I started this blog to get my thoughts make a record of who I am and what I think.....I just hope that I can make others feel and think the way I feel and think after reading some of the blogs that I read.All blogs Mentioned in this post are on the side column under the heading "Good Reading"

Just found some food blogs on Swapmeet Chronicles....Doña Junta's website...called A Little Cup Of Mexican Hot Chocolate & More and Doña Lupe's Kitchen...gotta go see what that's all about :)

Happy New Year to all the bloggers and readers.....I hope this new year brings lots of inspiration and well being to you and your family and to those of you that have stumbled upon this blog thank you for visiting and Hope you have a great year also.

Evilchavo Out.


Li said...

Thanks for the mention. I really enjoy reading your stories. They are so well-written and bittersweet. Keep writing--you're good.

Evil Chavo said...

Hello Li,

Thank you for posting,I enjoy your blog and its awesome blogroll.

HOpe you have a great 2009!

Evilchavo OUt.