Friday, December 19, 2008

Looking for a deal on Rockband 2 Special Edition for xbox 360 or PS3 at a really good price..?

We would like to interrupt that really depressing Rata story with an important deal Announcement. (From now on these deals will be under the IDA label) I figure why not hook it up...if someone can benefit like I do from these deals...then so be it.

Here is a deal for that special someone that loves Rockband.

(This Deal is only good until the ad expires which is on 12/20/08 Saturday for the West Coasters)

If you can find it. update: they just got new shipment today by UPS at Toys R Us

This deal is only available for us West Coasters now.

Toys R us has the Special Edition Rockband 2 (The new one) with drums and mic and guitar for $109.99 and when you buy it they give you a $25 dollar Toys R Us gift card that can be used right away...card says can't be used until 12 hours later but people have been using it right away.

The hard part of this deal is finding the product in stock for the system that it is needed for.....their seems to be alot of PS3 Rockband 2's SE's left out there but all stores are running out of the XBOX 360 right away.

The really cool part is that if you don't want to deal with the Toys R Us crowd especially at this time of year...

You can pricematch it.....Walmart has done it and Circuit City....Best Buy is not pricematching this deal.

So what you do is take the Toys R Us ad (That was in last Sundays newspaper) or prinout of the ad..(Go to the Toys r Us website for that) you show it to the person that is ringing up your Rockband 2 Special Edition box and you make them pricematch.

I always make them get the product first then when we get to the register I bring out my ad and ask for the Pricematch.(That way they don't shoot you down before hand because they don't want to go thru the approval hassle) No cashier wants a long line behind them so they usually expedite the process if you are holding up the line.

Walmart is suppose to match all printed ads to 100% and Circuit City is suppose to match it to 110%...some people have used the print out from the Toys r Us website and other have used the real ad....really up to the person approving it and how much they don't want to give you the price.

Some people have been able to get the Rockband 2 Se for $84.99 which is the $109.99 Price - the $25 dollars for the gift card.And some people have been able to pricematch the Rockband 2 Special Edition for the Wii that just came out a few days ago. (Not even on the ad!)

But people that have been able to do Wii Rockband 2 Se have been minimal....this deal is good without the $25 dollar gift card pricematch (If you get the extra $25 off than that is really good) but don't push your if you get it for $109.99 that is a really good is $189 regularly .

But Toys r Us is honoring their ad and that is by far the simplest way to go about need to pricematch and have to go back and forth with the Cashier and Manager and whoever else needs to give the approval for the pricematch.

The Toys R Us is a really good way of buying it ..if they have it because....

$109.99_$25=$84.99 When you buy one and then you can use the $25 for something else at Toys R Us.

I used to be really shy about Pricematching but have learned that the best way to do it is to stand your ground and show them the proof...because you are doing nothing wrong and their the ones that want to pricematch and have a pricematch policy because they would rather sell their product to you than have someone else product sold. Also they might want to call the Toys R Us to see if they have anymore in depends on who answers the phone at the Toys R Us.

And if you get a Pricematch Nazi(Some Huevon that no matter what proof you give denies your pricematch) ....move on to the next department or store and someone will do the pricematch...sometimes it takes a little bit of legwork. And remember "El que se enoja pierde!"...He who gets angry be patient and don't be angry if you can't get the deal....just move on to the next sense if losing your soul over a deal.

Happy Hunting.

(This is what the box looks like) double check because some people have been getting the drumset only or the RockBand 1 Special Edition and what you want is the newest one...ROCKBAND 2 Special Edition for the xbox 360 or PS3...comes with game,drums,mike and guitar)

Included in the box
· Wireless Guitar
· Wireless Drum set
· Microphone
· Game Software
· 6 AA Batteries

This Deal is Only good Until Tomorrow 12/20/08

Evilchavo Out.

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