Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Cutting the fan cord| Learning to stand up for myself

Got in an argument with a coworker or mine over his shaddy business and his inability to understand that I will not compromise my morals by allowing him to take what is not his , just because he says so.

I learned this lesson long ago in my neighborhood of City Terrace....when I was younger before I lost the weight I was big chubby boy that did not like to comb his hair and carried large amount of candy in his pockets (Mostly Now and Laters) , I wore husky cords or jeans and swapmeet mismatched sneakers and pens in my pockets and (if I would of found one I would of also worn a pocket protector for all those pens)

So not to go into much more detail than that but I got picked on alot when I was a kid cause I was a big old NERD.

As i grew up (Puberty) and lost all the weight (when I started skating )I started to develop a sense of worth and learned to not back down ....I have always been kind and gentle and did not realize as a kid that many people would perceive it as weakness but once I figured it out I never had problems with bullies or anyone else for that matter.

And when I see it starting as an adult I put an end to it as soon as possible.

So this guy pissed me off, and I told him backing down.....but this guy is the kind of guy that has done this all his life and feels that no one is better than It is taking a little bit more that usual to get him to back/shut the f*ck up.

I would like to dedicate this song to him Performed by the Master: Alice Bag.

He is just old and does not realize that I chose to be good and not shaddy a long time ago when I was young and that where I am from you can't take two is good...the other is not so good....but once you make your decision you have to stick to it and there is no backing down.

There is no are either going to be a rock star(Live a regular life) or a bum on the street.

I call it cutting the fan cord when I have to regulate.....

Comes from and incident that happened to me in the bay newly appointed boss made the decision that we could not have fans out our cubicles and I needed the fan to drown out the sound of all the other people that I worked with....I told him that I would take in down but I had to move some stuff around in my desk and would get to it after work so that I did not have interrupt my workflow with his stupid request.

So he talks to a newly appointed supervisor which was my friend and she keeps nagging me all day about taking the fan down..(Like a small 3 inch fan) and I trying to work and just don't want to be bothered with her and her fan request......after the fifth time in the same day ...I get angry and take a pair of Metal scissors and say " You want me to take this fan down?" Here is your fan! as I cut the (still plugged in fan) a huge spark like 6ft high comes out from where I cut the fan cord and everyone is looking at me like I am a crazy person.....I give her the fan and tell her to let me keep working.

Everyone had meeting with me that day....Manager....Asst Manager....a few different supervisors .....and they all apologized but from that day on ....they left me alone and let me do my work.....they let me keep my fan (because they realized that the reason for the initial request was for a really dumb reason) .

So I have some work issues to sort out but have been feeling really inspired to draw and write....I use to draw and write as a kid and teenager to let the demons out in high stress situations so everytime things like this happen I always feel inspired :)I thrive in chaos and destruction.

This album like on a loop in my head lately ...not sure why....Warren G. Regulate G. Funk Era.

Evilchavo Out.

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