Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday|Why I don't need it as much anymore

We loved Black Friday for many years. Our Loot
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It was a great ritual to go thru...research what was coming...scope out the stores the day before Thanksgiving and try to find out as much info as possible...and then hit the store that had the best deal on Black Friday as early as possible not matter what the weather was like.

We did not do it this year ... A few years back I found certain websites that enabled us to find deals that were available not only on Black Friday but throughout the year.

So since me and the Little Pumkin have become really good at finding deals all year long the Black Friday ads that came out this year did not impress us much.

Maybe a game here or there for me but nothing else to lose sleep over.

Like this last Thursday we did all our deals at CVS (Drug convenience store like Walgreens)...this what we got:

for about 3 dollars out of pocket.....combo of coupons/Cvs bucks/cash(not much)/and having a Cvs Card.

All of this + plus two big ticket items that can't be shown because they are gifts:)

This info is out there for everyone to use....all you have to do is look for it...I found the info by looking for blackfriday ads a few years ago and all you do is start small then as you learn you get better and better...the best of part of the whole thing is that it is legal and no one loses any money...Cvs gets reimbursed by the companies that make the products and it is a win win situation for everyone.

There are different stores you can do this at...Like Walgreens...but we don't do Walgreens often because the deals are a little harder to work out....It all depends on the info you have access to and the availability of the store...and your understanding of the deal and what to look out for.

Some people do only Walmart deals, other Target,Rte Aid etc...etc...

So Happy Shopping, and Don't wait til next Black Friday to find deals...they are available all year long.....The pics above are from this past ThursdayThanksgiving Morning)...but it is not a one time thing these deals are available weekly but the product varies from week to week...sometimes there are no deals.

And it is not only these type of products , you might be thinking what about TVs? or Game Consoles? Games? Toys? Clothes? Shoes? other electronics? or Gear?Deals are available out there for those also all you have to do is look out for them.

All our Christmas shopping got done early this year by looking for these deals and that is why we did not do Black Friday this year.

But I won't lie to you, I missed the rush of the people standing in line anticipating the great deal that is coming as soon as the doors open and the crowd rushes in.

But then, It was nice to sleep in...knowing that all our shopping is already done and the deals that are out there are not even close to as good as the deals that we found all year long.

R.I.P. to the 34 Year old Walmart worker that got killed by rushing stampede of Holiday shoppers tring to get into Walmart and the Lady that almost lost her unborn baby because of the same reason....Story at Yahoo

No deal is worth someone else's or your life.

Evilchavo out.


Pearmama said...

Dang. Thats alot of stuff. You didn't explain how you got it all. I understand coupons...but where did you get the coupons? Are they in-store or something. Online? I don't have much patience for coupon clippings, although I should.

Evil Chavo said...

Thank for posting.

This is the way it works.

But you need to do a little research to find out what deals are good to get.

We mostly do CVS deals which is where we got all the stuff in the pictures....

You find out about the ad ahead of time...usually by doing a search for the cvs circular for the date in the future.

Then you have to make sure that you clip coupons...because that is where the profit comes from.

Certain items in the add are free after CVS bucks....basically money you can use for later.

For pay $5.99 for something then on your receipt it gives you $5.99 bCK IN cva BUCKS which means you get it for free.

if you have a coupon for the use it and you get the discount for the coupon + the cvs if you buy $5.99 of stuff and you get $5.99 back and you used a one dollar coupon , you will get a $5.99 product for $4.99 so they gave you a dollar back for buying their stuff.

This stuff is from going to different stores with different cards and you just have to make sure you get the correct product for the correct amount of CVS bucks.

CVs bucks are basically like a gift certificate that you can use for anything they sell at CVS except for Alcohol and Smokes.

Sounds complicated but it is not that complicated you just need to do some leg work.

Merry Christmas and hope you have a great year!

Evilchavo Out