Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My cousins and a lesson they would never forget|Why you should never mess with the quiet kid

It started when I was very cousins and uncles on my real dads side would mess with me because I was quiet and was no like any of them.

My mom was not my real dads wife, and those that were around (My cousins) made it their lifes work to harrass and mess with telling me that my dad had another wife (A real wife) in Mexico and kids (Real Sons and Daughters)

One day when I was about nine, they made the decision to mess with me at our was summer so I was home taking care of my little brother...when they started knocking on my door....trying to kick the door in, they made the decision to take the screen off the window......yelling and screaming at me that I was a "Bastard kid and that they were not my cousins" I was scared at first...but fed up with their bs...

I was nine and made the decision that I would not take it anymore...and that I would do whatever I had to do to protect my brother...I took a knife and started slashing at them thru the window closest to the door.....when I did this they all scattered like roaches when met by the light in the middle of the night.....

I did not think that they would run...I thought I would have to kill one of them.....I had heard this kind of talk from them from as young as I could remember and was not going to have them treat my brother the same way they treated me.

When they ran away they kept saying I dropped the knife and ran after them and one of my cousins (The slowest one) tripped while running away from me , I pounced on him.....and started hitting him while I had him pinned cousins all gathered around and started telling to let him go...and I did but not until I saw the blood red coming out of his nose and mouth.....

My aunt came out and told them all to go in the house and when my mom got home they made sure to tell her all about me trying to get them with the knife and how I beat up one of my cousins.....My aunts (Of course) did not tell her about how their kids were harrassing me and harrassed me since I could remember.

My mom came home and asked me what happened (I never told her before this that they always told me that ...called me a bastard , I always kept it in) I told her and she was furious but proud of me for protecting my brother ....she did not talk to my aunt for a long time after that, and they all eventually moved away.

They never messed with me after that, and no one ever messed with my brother.

I know that if I would of hurt one of my cousins ...I would of ended up in Juvenile Hall but would of been worth it because my brother did not need to go thru any of what I went thru as a kid....

Evilchavo Out.

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